"Homemade Pistachio Paste Opens Up a World of Pistachio Desserts" -Serious Eats

I brought some pistachio paste from Greece last year, but didn’t use it! I cherished it so much I was afraid.

I want to use it and make more, from California pistachios.

Homemade Pistachio Paste Opens Up a World of Pistachio Desserts


I’ve never heard of it. I :heart: pistachios!


This is the one I bought in Greece.

Or maybe it was Italy. Use by date this week! Glad I looked.

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Thanks for posting this Shrinkwrap! Pistachios are a favorite and I look forward to making some of the recipes listed. Costco has a great price on shelled pistachios, but they’re not dehusked. Still, it would be worth the effort. Happy baking.

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I don’t use pre-made paste but process the nuts myself, this way I know it’s pure and contains no inferior filler.


Austrian-style dumplings


And a sauce for meat or vegs


Agreed - it’s easy to make nut pastes in a food processor or Vitamix, and that way you can control the ingredients and sugar content.

Lambchop, I bought a bag of those Costco pistachios the other day and they are dangerously delicious. The ones my store carries are roasted and salted, though, so not ideal for paste - can you get shelled unsalted at your location?


I’m surprised by the instruction to add water for a looser result. You’d have to add enough to emulsify the fat and water and not have it break. Adding more oil instead would be better for shelf life.


No, unfortunately they don’t, but I would use the greenest of them to process and use with various things. We had intended to make some pistachio baklava during the holidays, but didn’t get around to it. Think the Costco ones would be suitable for that at least.

Does anyone know a good source for raw ones?

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Trader Joe’s has raw, mostly skinned pistachios. … Or at least they’re unsalted, pretty sure they’re raw.

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Excellent - I love TJ’S selection and quality of nuts and will check it out next time I cross the bridge. Thanks!


Here’s a pistachio shortbread recipe of mine - you could try it here?


1/2 cup (1 stick) salted butter, room temperature

3/4 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar

1/3 c. shelled pistachios, ground finely in the blender

3-4 drops green food coloring, optional

1 drop almond extract

1 drop vanilla extract

1 tsp. walnut oil, optional

1 tsp milk, optional

8 pistachio nut halves, for decoration

2 tsp. turbinado sugar, for decoration


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. With an electric mixer, beat butter until creamy. Add flour, powdered sugar, extracts, food coloring, and pistachios; mix until combined. If dough is too dry, add the milk and walnut oil until it comes together.

  2. Spread dough evenly into an 8-inch round cake pan lined with parchment. Sprinkle with turbinado sugar and top each 1/8 with a pistachio half. Bake until firm, 30 minutes. Immediately score into eight wedges; cool completely. Turn out of pan; break wedges apart.

Serve with whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

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The shelled options are either roasted salted or unsalted, IIRC. I don’t think they offer raw (could be wrong, though).


The jar we bought we used in homemade ice cream and in a crepe cake as filling.

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Please know that I appreciate all the input. I know I said desserts, but realize non dessert options would be appreciated too.

savory…risotto, energy bites, pizza, stuffed shells, pesto,
but with the last jar I have I plan to try this once the weather cools for my wifes bday.


Sounds wonderful! I have everything except the pistachios. Will rectify that this weekend. Thanks!


I was at Trader Joe’s today and noticed that they have raw unsalted shelled pistachios. They were either $4.99 or $5.99 for 6oz.


I paid 5.99 for 8 oz a few days ago. The “raw” ones have been steamed (I suppose to get the skins off?) but not toasted.


I stand corrected!

oops, I meant 8oz. Show how reliable I am :wink:

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