Homemade Ice Cream and Ice Pops

I peeled, @MunchkinRedux did not peel. Your choice.

The resting time should be minimally overnight, but I had much better results with 36-48 hrs rest.

Buy whatever plain whole-milk yogurt you want. I used Greek, I think @MunchkinRedux used non-greek. It should not be sweetened or flavored.


My most favorite homemade ice cream, brambleberry crisp.



@ Aubergine

I peeled the first time. The second time I left little patches of peel on. I don’t think leaving peel made a difference. I would go with peeled.

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@mig and @MunchkinRedux - did you freeze post-churning before serving, or serve right after churning? Thanks!

I like to ripen it in the freezer overnight before serving. I think even a few hours would help develop the flavor.

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I made these cajeta/yogurt/pecan paletas. They are delicious.

I really like the gaminess/funk of goat milk. If you don’t, I recommend that you use cow milk dulce de leche.

I used goat milk cajeta, homemade (regular, not Greek style) yogurt and I toasted the pecan pieces.


I made David Lebovitz’s chocolate/peanut butter ice cream. If you like chocolate and peanut butter, you should make it. Both flavors come through loud and clear. The texture is dense and creamy.

I used Valrhona cocoa powder.

I used “no stir” creamy peanut butter from Sprouts. I’m delighted with this product. Many recipes, this one included, caution against using natural style peanut butter. However, I was raised by hippy parents who didn’t let me eat any other type, so the flavor of Skippy, Jif, etc. is unpleasant to me. The “no stir” peanut butter ingredients are peanuts, sugar, oil and salt so no off flavors to my taste.


adding this of my list of ice creams to make once all the local fruit options are exhausted for the year!

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In the ongoing saga of @MunchkinRedux 's peach frozen yogurt/ice cream:

A friend who made a batch with yellow peaches, and loved it, advised me she was going to try with white peaches. I was immediately skeptical, but she reports that the trial was a smashing success, so I’m going to take her word for it!

We broke into the latest batch I made here tonight, and that batch was ostensibly for “later,” so I immediately decided to make… yet another batch :slight_smile:

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Are you still getting peaches?

What is the longest you’ve kept a batch the freezer? Our second batch we didn’t get around to finishing until about two weeks after it was made. I felt some of the peachiness was missing by that juncture. It was still very good, but a little mellower (or so it seemed to me).

All the excitement here over peach ice cream; I didn’t stop to think that it’s kinda late in the season.

Since I wanted to make 2 batches, I bought 10 peaches at the farmers market … $20 … yikes! I’m letting them ripen a little on the counter. I have everything else I need when the time comes, maybe in 2 days.

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yes, i still have a few local ones. this is pretty much it, though.

one of my fears is that freezer time will degrade it. a homesteader i follow makes homemade ice cream (all custard-based, though, with eggs and cream she raises herself) for the whole year in the summer, and freezes it for much later consumption… so i’m talking myself into trying to extend the freezer time.

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One peach started to rot so I put them on a plate in the fridge until I made the mixture.

I hadn’t touched this Krups ice cream maker for a few years, in fact, it was lost for a while. I only found it when I was on a big hunt for another lost item! I’m happy I found a folder with instructions and a few recipes.

So, first batch is done; I followed the instructions here, peach brandy and all. After a taste I can tell it’s not very sweet, that’s a good thing but, somehow, the peach taste is muted, subtle.

Maybe I should try again next summer when peaches are prime.

how long has the ice cream been in the freezer?

I used to make a blackberry sorbet ? with creme de cassis and can no longer find the recipe.

Is anyone familiar with this?

I just made it, transferred to the Sumo container, stuck into freezer. Will it improve?

Do I need to leave empty canister in freezer about 24 hours before I do the second batch?

If I were 20 years younger, I’d buy one of those fancy, bigger, expensive machines!

You should definitely let it freeze overnight in the freezer and taste again tomorrow.

Yes, you need to ensure the canister is completely refrozen before you do another batch.

I made it twice as written by David Lebovitz in The Perfect Scoop except I substituted nectarines for peaches.

For me the nectarine flavor was strong. In my view, nectarines are more strongly flavored than peaches. Also, there is no need to peel nectarines and the peels have a lot of flavor.