Homemade Ice Cream and Ice Pops

I recently bought an ice cream maker and I’ve been on a bender. So far, I’ve made:

White Chocolate Ice Milk and Meyer Lemon Syrup as a topping:

Roasted Strawberry Miso Ice Cream

Blood Orange Black Sesame Ice Cream and Blood Orange Caramel Syrup as a Topping

David Lebovitz’s Roasted Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Magic Shell

I can’t find Lebovitz’s Chocolate Magic Shell recipe online, but there are several other authors’ recipes online. Just Google “Chocolate Magic Shell”. I noticed that some of them call for virgin coconut oil. Lebovitz calls for filtered coconut oil which I used.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream. I used six passion fruit from our garden. I stirred all of the seeds into the ice cream.

David Lebovitz’s Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream

David Lebovitz’s Tin Roof Ice Cream. This was my husband’s favorite which surprised me as he is usually not a chocolate fan.

In other frozen treat news, I made the Blood Orange Ice Pops from the blog with wonderful recipes and a cringe worthy name.

Unlike most people I know, I vastly prefer frozen desserts to warm desserts. All of the desserts I’ve mentioned above came out wonderful thanks to the recipes being great.


Good stuff thanks! The passionfruit one looks amazing, that’s my jam!

I responded to another post with this but it may better suit the topic you started:

My favorite one was the macadamia nut ice cream frozen custard. I roasted and chopped macadamia nuts, used some macadamia nut butter (from Magee’s in farmers market) and even added some macadamia nut liqueur, and some fresh vanilla from a bean. I find that using a bit of liqueur or other booze in the ice cream lowers the freezing point and makes it creamier and less crystally. I welcome your tips. We have one of those contraptions that you put in the freezer first so it makes a smaller batch, probably a plus.


Following this thread, as I have a relatively new ice cream maker and no recipes except for the little booklet that came with it. I’m a fan of chunks and interesting/novel flavors. And I upgraded from the kind where you have to freeze the container to the compression kind (is that what it’s called)? It’s quite large, and the mix needs to be cooled but there is no pre-freezing needed so it is a very spur of the moment toy.


David Lebovitz is a fantastic source for all types of recipes; ice cream recipes are one of his specialties . Here are the ice cream recipes in his blog.

I also highly recommend his book of ice cream recipes, The Perfect Scoop.


@ maccrogenoff

Second the motion for “The Perfect Scoop”. That strawberry sour cream ice cream you referenced (included there-in) is our all-time favorite. The Peach Frozen Yogurt, and also the Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream, from the same book are right up there.


We used some high cacao percentage valrona chocolate chunks melted for the custard and a lot of nice cocoa powder for this and put in mini marshmallows at the end. It was extremely chocolatey. Also had some espresso and vanilla and a bit of Ron zacapa 25 rum into this batch. I routinely add more chocolate and cocoa than the recipes require. I’ve never found a recipe I couldn’t improve or ruin. Hard to ruin with too much chocolate tho.


His best work and in my top ten cookbooks. Note, there are some missing recipes in the second edition. I was looking forward to more tips for his rice ice cream, but he decided it was more trouble than it was worth. Still, the second edition won me over eventually.


Learning how to make homemade ice cream was the death of what was left of my waistline. I now own 4 or 5 Cuisinart ice cream makers, and I’m lusting after a commercial machine!

I love DL’s book, and also Rose Levy Beranbaum’s ice cream book, “Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss.”
Some favorites:

  1. Brambleberry crisp, a Jeni’s ice cream recipe she published in her cookbook and available here. My favorite ice cream of all time. Involves three components: the vanilla base, a quick berry jam you make on the stovetop and cool, and a streusel you make with oats (kind of like a granola) in the oven.

Everyone loves it. Her base is eggless, btw.

  1. Serious Eat’s strawberry ice cream

Strawberries are my favorite food and when they’re in season, this is one of the things I love to make with them. I did a side-by-side test with Lebovitz’s famous strawberry sour cream ice cream last summer, and while both are great, I prefer the Serious Eats version.

  1. DL’s chocolate sorbet, which everyone raved about and I was like “no way is this as good as commercial chocolate ice cream.” I ate my words, and more.

OK. You’ve thrown down the gauntlet. 3 months until strawberry season, at which time my household will make the same side-by-side test, and report back. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll throw another one into the ring: strawberry gelato from Making Artisan Gelato. Without a doubt, the best I’ve ever had. Count me in on the comparisons.


WOO HOO! I love a good gauntlet! As I recall, I am alone in my preference for the SE recipe - the sour cream version is universally preferred. It sure is fun to taste-test though :slight_smile:

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This is improving my sudden-winter-chill doldrums very rapidly!

Carmela ice cream in Pasadena / altadena area does a strawberry buttermilk that ones pretty good. I can see the sour cream version being good. How do you keep your berries tasting fresh but not icy? I’ve had less success with strawberry ice cream than other flavors for that reason.

Where I live, Los Angeles, CA, we’re already getting strawberries at the farmers’ markets. I’ll have to try the Serious Eats Strawberry ice cream recipe.

Of the two Lebovitz strawberry ice cream recipes, my husband preferred the roasted strawberry/miso ice cream. I liked them both.

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I think this article explains that quite well.

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I have made the Serious Eats strawberry ice pop recipe countless times. It’s great. Using strawberries three ways: fresh, freeze dried and jam ensures that these ice pops pack a strawberry punch.

I use David Lebovitz’s recipe to make the strawberry jam.


I third the recommendation for The Perfect Scoop. Lots of great basics and interesting flavors. The strawberry frozen yogurt is wonderful when you have flavorful berries (it’s more strawberries than yogurt), and the chocolate sorbet is exceptional.

Me too. I had a question on a missing recipe (rice gelato) in his 2nd edition, I wrote to him, and he replied it was edited out because some people didn’t like the way it turned out but gladly sent me the recipe!

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I switched allegiance from the DL recipe to one on Epicurious. It’s from the May, 2009 Gourmet, and fortunately took notes on it as its now behind a paywall. The title is “Fresh Strawberry Gelato” and last Spring I made quite a large amount with local strawberries, then switched to peaches and it got more than rave reviews. I think there is a three recipe availability on Epicurious for those who have not subscribed.


i find this approach doubling and tripling down on flavors where possible is effective across the board including with chocolate, coffee, nuts and other fruits.

Lots of good strawberry tips on this thread here. I’ve had much more success with cherries but will give it a further go - nobody gets hurt! I can attest that dark chocolate chunks compliment certain fruit ice creams.

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