Homemade Candy

It looks delicious. I plan to make it. Thank you for posting the recipe.

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Chocolate walnut FUDGE! It used to be a once a year Christmas endeavor but we somehow dropped it. Time to restart it. Good homemade fudge is nirvana! Looking for a recipe to link, I was appalled to see that almost all internet recipes are of the marshmallow bent. NO, NO, NO! This is the real deal, although we often used a can of evaporated milk instead of half and half. ENJOY!

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Appalling to you, appealing to me

I think the light and fluffy marshmallows complement the rich and dense chocolate fudge and walnuts.

No, what you picture is “Rocky Road”, a different and, yes, delicious candy. What I was referring and objecting to us the shortcut version of old fashioned fudge in which marshmallows are melted into and become indistinguishable in the fudge. You lose the entire flavor and texture of the original thing. Maybe a lost taste today. I believe See’s still makes a good one.


Ahhhh I see. Yeah that sounds like a waste of fudge and marshmallows and I agree with your conclusion.

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I mostly make “bark” at Christmas, , and once made ?truffles. I used to make dipped pretzelsI; not sure if that counts. No recipe but I worked really hard on tempering.

And candied pecans.


lookin good @shrinkrap. i really enjoy bark. Sometimes with broken up candy canes during xmas season.

@claus would probably appreciate this, but Danes being Danes, my relatives make marzipan stuffed dates coved in chocolate with an almond sliver, and chocolate nougat balls covered in marzipan then in chocolate with candy lavender on top and stuff like that…it all comes down to the special ingredients brought back from Denmark on the trips back and forth.

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