Home delivery Cape Ann Fresh Catch, Greater Boston area

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With the season starting this week, home delivery is now available for an additional charge of about $6 per delivery. Also, you have to buy one of their coolers, for a one time cost of $20. It comes with your first delivery. You leave it out, clean and empty, for them to swap when your next share is dropped off. Ultimately, you get to keep a cooler if you stop ordering.

Typically for CAFC, the ordering is confusing and prices are a secret until checkout. So far, they haven’t told me which day this week my order will arrive, and when I emailed to ask, the response was curt. Maybe they’ll revise the pages, but I’m not holding my breath.



Yes, I got their email, too, and I was wondering about day-of-delivery myself. If I am paying for fresh fish, I need to know when to expect it.


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I foolishly thought the season began the week of April. It’s this week. Since I live more or less on the route the driver most likely takes from Gloucester to one of the Thursday pickup spots, I assumed my delivery would be today. When 3:30 came and went with neither an email nor a delivery, I called to ask what’s going on. Donna, the one in charge, said they were swamped with delivery orders so they still haven’t worked out the logistics. It will probably be Tuesdays or Thursdays, but for this first time they will be doing all the home deliveries over the weekend. Good customer service would have been to email this info to home delivery subscribers, as a courtesy update. I just hope that when the fish DOES arrive, it’s not stuff cobbled together from unsold fish that was caught and processed the beginning of the week!



Thanks for sharing this information.

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The cooler finally arrived this afternoon. It contains flatfish fillets of some sort, but as the bag is unlabeled and there was no email notifying me to expect it, I don’t know the variety. Unlike the typical CAFC share, it was obviously out of the water longer than two days. A slight whiff of low tide emanated when the bag was opened.

I am cutting them some slack for their poor handling of this inaugural home delivery order, but will not accept repeat delays or freshness issues.



Thanks for the reports. I’ve been thinking about joining for a while but a bit frustrated by the web site info.