HOdown: Dinner 3/31 at Babur Garden (Afghan) in Ocean, NJ

Social director Julie McCoy here… As promised, I thought I’d start the thread for our next HOdown. All are welcome and encouraged to join us!

The crew that went to Stamna last weekend was discussing which type of cuisine we should try next, and many of us have heard very good things about Babur Garden, which is just off of Rt. 35 South and easily reached from Rt 18 and/or the Parkway. Their website is http://baburgarden.com

SO… let’s try to figure out a good night for dinner! Votes, please! We’ll go with the date that works for the most HOs. :grin:

Sat. March 18th
Sunday March 19th
Friday March 31st
Saturday April 1st (no foolin’!)

So cool! Wish I wasn’t 600 miles away… :disappointed:


Suggest April 1st, you could walk it by then!

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Yup. This made me laugh out loud.

Thanks Jr!


We’ve enjoyed Barbur Garden several times. The only day that doesn’t work for us is Sunday the 19th.

@CurlzNJ Thanks for starting the thread.

I’ve never had dinner here but I’ve had some good lunches. Then again, I’m an Afghani newbie I’d say.

So…are you going to join us?!?

How many came last time? I may join you, I’m just going to check dates to see if one is better for me to vote on. I love this type of food.

I mentioned to Curlz I have coupons for Restaurant.com that maybe we can use in the future. I got these for $1 each when they were on 90% off sale. Usually the deal is spend $50 get $25 off, spend $100 get $50 off, spend $150 get $75 off, etc… depends on what the restaurant offers and if that restaurant participates, we’d have to search their website to see if there’s anything interesting. The deal sometimes doesn’t include weekends, but never includes drinks in the price… food only.

I’ve had dinner there. I thought both the food and the service was great. Don’t know why I haven’t been back!

Eeeeh… I personally don’t think Babur Garden is a HOdown worthy spot but I’ll be happy to join. I can do 3/31 and 4/1. :slight_smile:

I’d much rather do rodieo grill!

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March 31 or April 1 works for Mark and me.

Okay, since we now have at least 6 who can make it, I’m pulling the trigger - let’s say Friday, March 31st at 7pm. Now the rest of you can chime in…

@hungryonion Can you change the title of this thread to HOdown: Dinner 3/31 at Babur Garden (Afghan) in Ocean, NJ please? TY!

Thanks for the recommendation on this place. I don’t think we will be able to make any of the proposed dates but we were in the area last night so we tried this place. Everything was really tasty. Loved the bread. The only thing that was odd was that I ordered Naringe Palaw which was described as: saffron rice topped with almonds, pistachios, and orange strips. Served with your choice of seasoned pieces of chicken. I received a MOUND of white rice with orange strips and a bowl of very tender chicken in a tomato sauce. When I asked about the almonds and pistachios I got a confusing answer about how that was another item? But there is nothing else on the menu that matches. Also, I feel like the fact that the chicken was in a tomato sauce would be important info. But regardless, I liked that there was a soup and salad with all the entrees. Enjoy the meet up!

They have like 4 different rice dishes there - they might have gotten the order mixed up. I can never decide which rice to get when I go there!

We will be there too, although as an official old person I must complain that you are pushing back my bedtime with this 7:00 dinner thing. You kids and your wild ways!

Count us in for 2.


@gracieggg We’ve been there a couple of times and I don’t think they have ever gotten all the rice orders correct. Luckily we’ve liked all of them. And if you’ve ordered the spicy one but didn’t get it, that red condiment they serve does the trick.

@CurlzNJ We’re in for the 31st.

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I’m bumping this up so everyone is reminded that you can still decide to join us…

Food looks awesome. Unfortunately I am unable to make it. I’ve got too much going on right now / money being spent. Just took a 3 hour drive to Pennsylvania, taking another, and taking a trip to Virginia too.

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