Excellent Spring Rolls

I make excellent spring rolls, but all out of scratch, using different blades of my Cuisinart. ( I have 10 shredding disc aside from the dough and the now recalled riveted blade)
Every ingredient shredded and cooked individually, then, all goes into my 15 Q Anodized Calphalon Saute Pan to simmer for hours. The portions are almost equal,except I do not use as much snow peas unless they are on sale, and of course crab meat, I only add crab meat to the rolls we were going to eat fresh immediately. ( meaning not fry or baked) I do not measure when I cook . So, here it goes.
Ingredients: 1. poached chicken, shredded by hand
2. ground pork, sauteed in olive oil, garlic , cider vinegar and soy sauce, salt and pepper, chili flakes to taste
3. shrimp, sauteed in olive oil with ginger, garlic, spring onions, then in the cuisinart to be minced when cooled.
4. crab meat in season ( I live on the shores of the Patuxent, we have the best blue crabs here) I use crab meat only for the ones to be eaten immediately.
5. extra firm tokwa ( this is called old tofu that is not just firm but extra firm tofu. It comes in package of 2 or 4. , shredded in my cuisinart, sauteed with garlic, olive oil, soy sauce, pepper to taste.
6. the vegetables below shredded in the cuisinart, using different blades, sauteed in olive oil , garlic s/p , small amount of cider vinegar and soy sauce
cabbage, carrots, snow peas , caramelized onions in amount proportional to the chicken shrimp and pork.

I then mix all the cooked food together in my calphalon saute pan under low heat and cook several hours

We eat these wrapped in hand made spring roll cover( very thin almost like fila dough, either hand made on the wok but I find that we can buy them at the Asian stores from the Philippines ( Simex Brand. Nowadays, they also carry them with parchment paper between each sheet so it is easier to remove the sheets individually. Well worth the extra buck. The spring rolls can be eaten as is wrapped in these sheets, or pan fried or even popped in my countertop gourmet convection oven at 400 degrees till crispy/ You can even eat it as is with rice or wrapped in Romaine lettuce!
Serve it with Le Choy sweet and sour sauce or we prefer a dip made with crushed garlic, cider vinegar , chili flakes or better yet, if available, a fantastic vinegar made of coconut under the trade name of DATU PUTI spiced vinegar as substitute for cider vinegar and chili flakes. There is a trade war in the Philippines currently and the case has gone to the supreme court as to which company has the right to export this product . I do not know when it will be settled but I bought 28 bottles knowing it is getting scarce. It is fantastic. I can no longer find it at the Asian Supermarket but found it in Amazon last year. I paid $1.69 for each bottle but by July, the price went up to $2.50 at the Asian Store but no longer available unless you can find it in an Asian supermarket in a remote town where Asians are scarce.
I make a lot of the above , enough to make a few hundreds spring rolls, roll them, freeze them and take it out to fry or bake when needed.
I hope you understand the recipe. It will always be good if you have the right ingredient. Do not go overboard with salt as you can always dip it in the soy sauce/ vinegar dip.


Thanks for the detailed recipe. On the datu puti, do you use the white or dark version? I have seen both at the local Walmart international food aisle.

It is exactly the one someone posted a picture of.
You can see it on Walmart site.
It is on sale now

Just linking to the other post so new people are looped in.

Yes it is
I was at the Lotte Supermarket in Chantilly a few days ago on my way to the airport, where someone purchased 10 bottles for me last year, finally delivered it to me March this year. She paid $3.50 for a bottle.
I did not find it there. So,Walmart’s price is pretty good.

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Market stall in Lima
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