HO Lunch at Laghman Express on Tues 4/30

Several of us are going to lunch at 2:30pm at Laghman Express (laghmanexpress.com) in Brooklyn on Tues 4/30. So far it’s me, my wife Ginny, saregama, Jen Kalb, vinouspleasure & Dave Cook. Anyone want to join us?

Looking forward to this!

Been on my wish list since it opened – too many places, too little time.

I’d love to join! I’ve been meaning to try this place.


I guess y’all aren’t office going working stiffs. I will think of you while I eat my jambon beurre at my desk.

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My 19 hour flight lands at 6.00am that morning. Since there is absolutely no chance I would ever get there without you, consider me a maybe. I’ll try to confirm either way that morning.


There are frequently dinners too

Ugh… I have to work in Connecticut. But if there’s a dinner coming up I would love to join in :slight_smile:


I’m probably going to get there early, grab a square at davinci and wander around a bit. I haven’t been in the area since competing in the city softball leagues after college.

Give a shout if you’d like to join, it would be nice to have someone to share the slice with, leaving more stomach capacity for laghman.


Ginny is now a maybe, but I’ll meet you all at 2:30 as planned. Did anyone make a reservation? I know that they’re closed today, but I can call tomorrow if needed. As far as I know it’s Saregama, vinouspleasure, Dave Cook, Ike, Jen, me & maybe Ginny &/or ElJefe. So, 6-8 right?

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also maybe Jim

omigod, Villabate Alba is a 15 min walk from Laghman Express, I’m going to spend an extra 30 min on the treadmill tomorrow morning!

Sorry. I’m going to pass today. I’d love to join you. I’m hungry and awake. But the MTA trip planner says that it’s over an hour and a half each way and I don’t think I could survive another 3 hours of travel on top of the 31 I just endured.
I’ll visit my mother instead but the food won’t be as good.
Looking forward to the next one.

Okay, I spoke to them & alerted them that 6 or 7 of us will be there at 2:30pm. She said that they don’t take reservations (I knew that) but thanked me and said that she’d “do my (her) best”.
See you all there.
Sorry you won’t make it ElJefe.

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Well, that was a delicious meal!

I finally ate the samsa I brought home, and boy was it fantastic! Great meat-to-pastry ratio, and lovely light pastry. Wonder if they make the pastry or buy it, guessing the former (of course i rabbit-holed on the pastry already lol).

Kicking myself for not bringing home a few more, but I’ll just have tp go back for them (& the wontons which apparently were a new addition to the menu).


Black fungus salad
Tripe salad
Dry fried noodles
Eggs and chives
Cumin lamb
Plov & salad
Dapanji & noodles


I thought this one of the best meals I’ve had in nyc. The flavors were bright and delicious, wonderful, warm service and I loved the open kitchen where we were able to see some of the food being made. I’d be hard pressed to name a favorite dish.

Can’t wait to go back!


For sure mine were the samsa, the dry fried noodles, and the black fungus salad – ok so 3 not 1 :joy:.

But there’s so much more to try, agree can’t wait to return.

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I almost feel like I’m back on CH, raving about an out of the way (well, for most reading this I suspect) inexpensive small place where ingredients are fresh (we watched produce coming in), the cooking is skilled & everything was tasty. I think that we’re all aware that this isn’t a “discovery”, as it has been written up everywhere (#90 on Pete Wells Top 100 this year - of course he had Temple Canteen ahead of it and Foxface below Temple, so whatever). However, it was a 1st visit for me & I gotta agree that I cant remember a better lunch at a comparably priced place. In my opinion, not a dish below very good, with most being excellent. If you can get there, go. Even better if you can do what we did and hit it on a weekday at 2:30pm. They said that they’re slammed for dinner and on weekends.

eta: the pictures are from our lunch, not their menu. I thought the similarity was amazing.

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these were my top 3 also. But everything, from the eggs and garlic chives to the cumin lamb (maybe not served warm enough) were full of flavor, delicious. The samsa was as good as the best samsas we had in Uzbekistan; the plov not as good as my favorite (tastes do differ) but very good and the dry cooked noodles were top notch.