HO Flushing Food Crawl - Report and Discussion

what’s more amazing is that our town in westchester was about 20 miles from chinatown, everyone moved up from brooklyn or manhatan and there weren’t any good chinese restaurants within 10-15 miles. anyhow, not too many new yorkers in our florida town but we do have a number of decent seafood and thai restaurants.

believe it or not, as new yorkers have relocated to florida, some have opened decent slice joints. Still, they are few and far between so we mostly eat my pan (detroit/chicago) pizza while we’re here.

At least you’ve got something. During my stint in SoCal during the pandemic, I was in despair by the end due to the lack of anything decent in the Indian, Thai, or Chinese arenas. There was some passable Vietnamese, but even that was a diluted version in restaurants away from the Asian neighborhood.

The sad part was that my east coast transplant family and friends seemingly couldn’t tell the difference anymore after a few years (they can tell when they’re in New York that’s it’s all vastly better, but they couldn’t understand while I was there why I was so consistently disappointed with their “standard” places. “It’s really good” — “for here” being the missing phrase.


I’ve probably posted this story before: when the kids were young we visited my family, ex-new yorkers, in florida. One night my wife and I went out with my brother and his wife. my brother’s kids, who were older, babysat our kids. When returned to my brother’s house we learned our kids refused to eat the delivery pizza.

I was a little angry, thinking our entitled kids refused to eat pizza. My 11 year old son just said “dad, try a bite”, holding out a slice. I took a bite, spit it into a napkin and took them for dinner on the way back to the hotel room. My brothers had completely forgotten what edible pizza tasted like.

Once we were back at our hotel I ordered pizza making equipment (stone, scales, peel, screen) for my brother and taught him how to make pizza. He makes it for friends who have declared it the best pizza in town.


Now you’re talking! Still waiting for that lesson. Meanwhile, you have definitely pointed me to a better New York slice or two!

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A shorter visit to Flushing, tried to visit some new-to-me places.

Dosa Hutt – good as expected filter coffee. I didn’t want anything Indian to eat.

Jixiang bbq cart – lamb & pork (they were out of beef, i didn’t want my usual mushroom ones)

Golden mall – filled up now, though I wasn’t tempted by much (maybe a skewer spot I’ll return to try).

Northern dumpling king – this reminded me of the dumpling places in Montreal with 15 to an order that show up in giant, stacked steamers. Want to go back with more people to share several kinds (maybe even go the one a few doors down for a taste-off). There was a lady stuffing the wontons up front. (They also sell them frozen in 50s for those that have the freezer space.)

Tong Hai Tung Bakery – new to me, gotta get a sponge cake of course. They had many of the usuals incl dantat (and also seem to serve a full menu of other food, as with many of the old school bakeries in manhattan).

Pho Hoang – for the cha gio I was deprived of in Chinatown last week :sweat_smile:. They have a full roast meats counter, so of course I had to buy char siu in the name of research.

Alley 41 – on that thread:


for some reason I haven’t found great roast meat in flushing. how was the char sui?

Salty. Took me by surprise. I liked the Dim Sum Garden outlet better, but have come to the conclusion that neither is that much better than the Chinese hole in the wall around the corner from me, at pretty much the same price (for char siu and ribs, that is – they don’t have all the other stuff).

Further to your comment about the price of soy sauce chicken, I have been observing for a while now that Flushing is not any cheaper than Manhattan Chinatown – which is surprising to me, because Jackson Heights in still cheaper for Indian groceries, by a buck or two per thing, which adds up fast.

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Sponge cake was really good!

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@Saregama @DaveCook @small_h @SteveR , Steve’s wife and I returned to flushing last week, some of us met early to wander/graze around main st and then we all met at the Ganesh temple and dosa hutt for southern Indian food.

Pictured below are the lamb dumplings we had at the Chinese/korean dumpling stall in new world mall. I was wearing a U Mich sweatshirt, a guy came over to say “go blue”, made a point of telling us that he’s of Chinese/korean descent and the dumplings are “just like my mom used to make”.

We had a couple of leftover chopsticks which dave turned into a fashion accessory :joy:

Perhaps others could post photos, for some reason I didn’t take photos in the hutt.


Okay, okay, call out the lack of picture posting.

I don’t have @small_h’s favorite cheese dosa (also my nephews’ favorite, fyi) or the uttapam.

Peking duck buns


Crispy shrimp cheung fun


Beef cheung fun


Chinese-Korean lamb dumplings


Crab & crab roe extravaganza


Idli-Vada combo


Rava Masala Dosa


Wow! All looks amazing. Sorry I am missing these adventures!

Two more from @SteveR’s and my first lunch at the Temple Canteen.


I want that crab very badly.

Although she is very much with me wherever I go, I’m pretty sure that my wife was not physically present for this. :princess:

Addressing several posts just upstream:

  1. Was all the non-Ganesh food from New World? Which stalls, especially the Crab 'n Roe?

  2. What did you all think of the temple canteen food? It’s been years since I was last there. Back then I thought the food decent but not outstanding. It does have other charms, though, including the austerity of the eating environment.

  3. I may have missed something somewhere, but have ye who crawl (and also those who trot, gallop, or rampage) been to the new Golden Mall and what do you like there?

ETA: Didn’t intend for this to be a reply to the @SteveR post just above.

  1. The crab dish is served at Xie Bao, the first stall on the left as you enter the New York Food Court. The dumplings were prepared by a New World stall that might simply be called Korean-Chinese Dumplings. The two rice rolls came from Fu Yuan, on Roosevelt; the duck buns, from that streetside window on 40th Rd.

  2. I didn’t eat at the canteen, but I was glad to get a proper introduction to a rava dosa at Dosa Hutt. Nice idly, nicer vada, too.

  3. I’ve visited the revived Golden Mall often but been tempted to eat only a few times. My favorite to date are the sour-and-spicy Guizhou cold noodles, cut to spoonable lengths, at Xi Jiang Qian Hu Noodle, shown below.

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Only small_h and I ate at the Temple Canteen. For me, it was a bucket list item, as I almost went when it opened to the public over 20 years ago and then have been almost there over a dozen times since. It is exactly as you remember it & I am glad to have gone and happier that I then went to Dosa Hutt for better food afterwards.

are those pickles underneath? Looks delish.