HO Flushing Food Crawl - Report and Discussion

Dave Cook is organizing a small group to walk around parts of Flushing, eating, talking, walking, eating & eating. So far, its Dave, me, saregama, Dean & his wife (visiting from Baltimore). According to our combined wisdom, 8 should be the max. Since there are already 5 of us, that leaves 3 spots open (max). Anyone want to join? Probably early afternoon for a couple of hours (or more).

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So much more polite than saying ‘until we burst from overeating!’

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A very close friend – hey, he insulted me in the French Alps in 1982, then made up at Brookhaven in 1988, then I split my pants at his wedding in 1991 the day before the temporary Gorbachev deposition and the striking of a hurricane – asked me to be in NY July 26-28 and I just said “no”. So tempting as this is, I will pass once more.

Count me in! Thank you.

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And Brian makes 6. Details of where to meet, what time, etc to follow sooner or later.


I’m not doing indoor dining right now. If this is all outdoors (or someone’s willing to ferry stuff to me on the sidewalk) I might be in…

I’ve lined up a good-sized list of vendors where we might eat; many offer little or no indoor accommodations, and so our seating (or standing) would be catch-as-catch-can. Even in the case of vendors at the larger food courts – where one or more of us could look around, and order, while remaining masked – we could ferry dishes to the street. Most dishes, anyway; divvying up some noodles, let alone soups, requires a stable dining surface. (I plan to bring disposable plates, cups, utensils, and other divvying materials.) On a food crawl, however, there would be no avoiding close contact with a half-dozen or so fellow diners, indoors or out.

Thanks for clarifying. It may just be too fraught for me at this point. Also Flushing is 80 minutes away on public transit.

We are now three.

What happened to the other three?

Misunderstanding. Dean & wife have added a friend. You, me, Dave & Saregama are all in as well, so we have 7 total.


Glad to hear this! I’m expecting a party!

For our food crawl on Monday, July 25, I suggest that we meet at noon in the New World Mall food court, on the lower level of 13620 Roosevelt Ave. It’s just east of Main St., near the Queens terminal of the 7 train; it will provide shelter from whatever weather we might have that day; and 30-some stalls will provide plenty of diversion for any of us who must wait for latecomers. It’s big; why don’t we look for one another near the foot of the escalators.

I also suggest that, once we’re assembled, we limit the dishes we order in the food court, since there’s so much else to eat. Perhaps we can start with a plate of eight shengjian bao and, possibly, some Uyghur noodles, both of which appear in this very incomplete set of photos …


… which corresponds only somewhat with my own list of dining destinations:
Tarim Uyghur Food, NWM: samsy, kebabs, long or bite-sized noodles
Liu Liu Sheng Jian Wang (aka Pan Bao 66), NWM: sheng jian bao
Liang Pi Wang, NYFC: liang pi, jian bing
Huang Jin Jiao, NYFC: various dishes
Diverse Dim Sum (aka Distinctive Dim Sum), NYFC: seafood rice cakes
Sin Kee, QCFC: chai tow kueh, oyster omelette
Tian Jin Dumpling House: dumplings (need 10-15 minutes)
Sheng Jian Muslim Little Kitchen: chive pancake/bun, lu da gun, “donkey rolling on the ground”
LIRR underpass Fujianese vendor: mooncake
Qingdao: various dishes
Dim Sum Garden Express windows: various dim sum
Wuhan Foodie (aka Heat Noodle): hot dry noodles, doupi
White Bear: wontons with hot sauce
Quicitop (successor to Followsoshi): roasted cold noodles
Joe’s Steam Rice Roll: rice rolls
Soy Bean Chan/Chen Flower Shop: sweet or spicy soy bean curd/pudding
Henan Hui Mian (aka Henan Flavor, Henan Fengwei): lamb “burgers,” hui mian

No addresses there, just some initialisms for various food courts, but I can find the way easily enough and can provide more specifics when need be.

Before we think too much about what we’ll eat, maybe we can pin down the time and place where we’ll get together. Is noon, in the New World Mall food court, good for everyone?


Good for me.

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Thanks Dave - works for me!

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Thanks. This looks fun!

I hear that the Shangdon? spot past joe’s srr is supposed to be great. Cold dishes stuffed in a bun.

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So jealous I have to miss this again, but sounds awesome! If only wfh meant I could take calls on mute and join…

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Our third bailed. Something about work. I recall knowing about work personally but I do not recommend it.

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Grrr, me too! Looks like terrific fun!

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