HO Dinners for February and March.

Kay and I are headed back to NYC in both February and March. We would love to set up some dinners/meetups

February 10 thru 12

Availability Friday day for a food crawl in Flushing or Astoria
Available for Dinner Saturday
Available for brunch/early lunch

March 10 thru 12

Availability Friday day for a food crawl in Flushing or Astoria
Available for Dinner Saturday
Available for brunch/early lunch

Sunday lunch at Hamido Seafood
Either Saturday Dinner or Sunday lunch at Alley 41 in Flushing
Either Saturday Dinner or Sunday lunch at Ming Xing BBQ on Farrington and Prince in Flushing
Good Thai in Elmhurst {I think} Essan Thai style. Hug Essan has good rep

Just judging interest. No one but Kay should have to eat that many meals with me.

So if you are interested, please mention dates available and feel free to suggest somewhese or pick from the list I posted.

By the way, Xing Ming has lice charcoal for bbq skewers and superb cooked dishes with lots of veggie selecton.

I’ve been to Ming Xing just once …
… and would happily return. Their seating is probably suited for no more than six.

I thought they had two tables in the back along a banquette. But I may be imaging things.

Next time I’m out that way, I’ll stop in for a better look.

We will likely be in NYC both those weekends. Cant do Sunday brunch and prefer sit downs over food crawls. Good Thai sounds particularly great.

Can you explain the specialness of Hamido?

Impeccably fresh seafood, simple cooking, warm service. Like eating in a seafood market grill in [Italy, Greece, Alexandria etc]. Plus it is BYOB with plastic tumblers for the wine.

Sounds very pleasant im all for it checking it out. I just wondered because the menu looked sort of generic - are there Alexandrine specialties?

The charm is fresh fish and seafood on ice cooked simply: think grilled w/oil and herbs, fried, sauteed. The veggie sides have a greek/egyptian tinge.

I would love to join for MX or Hug Essan though I’m concerned you and Kay can tolerate a lot more heat at the latter.

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Not your imagination. But if you think of Ming Xing’s standard table as a booth for six (a very cozy booth for six), then the banquette and its facing seating (a bench? individual chairs? I couldn’t get close enough to be sure) resembles two booths butted end-to-end, with little room to maneuver. Granted, I looked in during a Christmas Sunday afternoon when many restaurants in Flushing’s Chinatown were crowded.

I would be interested. I should be in town unless I am traveling for work.

We’re out for the Feb dates but should be around for the March ones. So, please arrange to go to places we wouldn’t like in Feb and save the good ones for March, okay? Happy New Year.

Dinner Saturday 2/11 is fine with me. And I’m fine with wherever, as long as it’s not THAT far from me (on the LES) or at BBQ Barney’s House o’ Meat, 'cause I wouldn’t find enough to eat there.

We are looking at brunch/lunch on 2/12. Thinking Ming Xing BBQ.

2/11 dinner works too. WE HAVE A MATINEE SO 6.3Pm or so works.

I’ve had my eye on this place, if it’s of interest.


If you can get a reservation there I would be interested. I have not been able to get a reservation there at a day/time I would/can/want to eat dinner. Its a hot ticket.

Looks like the reservations go live 3 weeks in advance, so I’ll try. If everyone is up for it.

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We are up for the 11th and Laser Wolf. the veg dishes look great. I thought the NYT review was a little disappointing though https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/27/dining/restaurant-review-laser-wolf-brooklyn.html. hope we can get a table where we can hear each other

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