HO Dinner at Wu's Wonton King 11/19 [Chinatown LES]

We are posting a Group Dinner at Wu’s Garden.

6.30 pm Saturday, November 19

Please join us as we will have a table for 10.

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I’m in, as is Medium H.

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Ginny (my wife) & I are in as well. That makes 6 so far, with Dean & Kay.

I’m busy that evening. Have fun!

Jim and I are in!



Regrets but wishing everyone happy eating for Thanksgiving!

We now have 9. I will try to finalize the reservation with Wu’s by tomorrow. I still plan to tell them we need a table for 10, just in case we get a last minute addition (& so they don’t try to stuff us into a table for 8). Anyone wanna add in?
We’ll miss the presence of ninkat, Dave Cook & the vinouspleasures, but welcome Dean & Kay back to NYC for another visit.

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This is getting to be regular thing! We mostly eat out as a couple so joining in with others is a treat for us.

I spoke with Wu’s Manager today and he wanted us to come at 6pm instead. We compromised at 6:15pm. Indoor table, 10 people. We still have an opening if anyone wants to be the 10th.

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6:15 it is.

We should be able to get there by 6 easily. But not enough time to pregame a Katz sandwich or 2!

Eh, it’s Chinese food, so you’ll be hungry an hour later anyway, and Katz’ is open all night!

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See you all at Wu’s at 6:15pm tomorrow (Sat) evening. Reservation for a table indoors under “Steve”. They have wine/beer but have always allowed byob. Hopefully, they still do.

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looking forward to it!!

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I am jealous! I like just about every type of wonton, and this looks excellent.

Wu’s…cum comedi? My Latin is terrible.

Salt-baked anchovies. Not much evidence of anchovy, plenty of evidence of salt! This would make a good bar snack.


Snow pea leaves with three kinds of egg. Egg was great, leaves a little tough. Nice broth.


Fried grouper. Is a nice fish. Very good with some hot sauce, not as good without.


Seafood casserole. This was a decent version, but it seemed to have been sitting out, as the vegetables were kinda wilty. But the tofu and the seafood did not suffer.


Salt-baked shrimp. Maybe a little too much batter, but that shrimp flavor! Pow!


Razor clams. With some heat, surprisingly. Very nicely prepared, not tough at all.


Pork, I think. People who ate this, jump in and describe it!


Crime scene.


And last, the cheese course. According to our server. We thought it was mango jelly, but we are not experts.



I really liked this dinner. Much better than the 1st group dinner we had there & better than many of my previous dinners there. The Roast Pork app. is always served cold & it’s never my favorite. The Peking Duck, in my opinion, was excellent, both inside the pancakes and in the large side dish of dark meat. I really enjoyed the seafood casserole, the shrimp & the razor clam dishes. All had fresh ingredients that had taste (not always the case). I always get the grouper & it’s always good enough (& even better with hot oil, as small_h says). And it’s always grouper and not tilapia. I didn’t think much of the anchovies. The snow pea shoots & egg dish wasn’t as good as it should have been, but the broth it created was nice. The bone soup with wontons is alway something I like & the fried rice was (as usual) ehh. Was there anything else? Did we really order (& eat) this much? And only $50/person with a 25%+ tip (no alcohol - they accommodated byob without hesitation). Given all the fresh seafood, a really nice surprise.


I think we overdid it on the fry, and probably next time I’ll get a braised noodle rather than a fried rice and see how that is.