ho dinner apr 27-31- Great NY Noodletown

@Saregama is around next week, let’s schedule two dinners, one next week and one a little later. I’m good any day but wed apr 26th. again, happy to go anywhere, let’s find a date that works and then we’ll figure out a venue.

edit: ok, I’m not doing a great job stitching together various threads, @Saregama mentioned availability apr 27-31 @SteveR and @ninkat, which of these dates work for you?

My out-of-towners arrive on the 27th, so predictably I could make the 26th. Possibly Monday or Tuesday but depends on my fungible schedule and what time and where dinner might be.

Next week we can do Monday Tuesday or Friday.

Friday the 28th is my only free evening.

ok, it’s looking like friday april 28th, we have:
and perhaps various +1s

let’s pick a place! Shall we leave it to @Saregama because 1) she always picks great places and menus (no pressure!) 2) not sure we’ll see her for the next dinner.


Yes! But one request - I am going to be on the UES until 6ish. Could we go somewhere I’m going to be able to get to by 7 (or whenever dinner turns out to be)?

I’m still not sure if I’m available on Friday, April 28. Has a place been picked?

NY Noodletown is being bandied about, but it depends on whether we can get enough people together that we can reserve a table. So far I think it’s me +1, @SteveR +1, @Saregama & @vinouspleasure. Other suggestions were Indonesian, Greek & Peruvian.

Rez for Noodletown made. If anyone not listed wants to join, please speak up ASAP!

I’d like to join you all for Noodletown at 7:00. 7:00?


Yep, see you then!

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May I join?

If this is still on for Friday at 7.00pm, is there room for one more?

@Saregama We’ve got a couple more interested, @ElJefe and @mig (I know @SteveR already alerted you to one of these). Do you think the reservation is expandable?

It might be 7:30, if that makes a difference to you.

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@ElJefe @mig I need to find out if we can add 2 more. I’ll circle back later today.

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@ElJefe @mig You’re good – Look forward to seeing you on Friday (tomorrow) at 7:30pm at Great NY Noodletown!

Everyone please be on time – they have said they will not seat an incomplete party, and they will not hold the table more than a few minutes.

(@small_h @DaveCook @SteveR @vinouspleasure Please note the updated time of 7:30pm)

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Yes ma’am.

please bring cash, they are not going to want to take multiple credit cards. see you there!