Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives


I am attending Healthy Kitchens,Healthy Lives", " An Annual Gathering of Physicians, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, Nurses, and Other Healthcare Professionals; Hospital, Insurance, and Other Healthcare Executives; and Foodservice Directors and Chefs.

This is a video from two years ago. I will try to add some updates. This one is at Copia in Napa.


Suvir ! Just saw him on a re-run of TC Masters!

(saregama) #3

Interesting… barely see him anymore… enjoyed his nyc place (Devi) way back when.


This lady is a Chef who is also physician, who specializes in pediatric obesity.



Here are cooking.

Here’s some of what we made.


So cool! What were the dishes you made? Hard to tell from the photo ;))


Hard to tell from tasting it too!


My station was a “plant forward” menu. I started out at papaya salad, but ultimately made the Ceasar. Too many folks and bossy pants at papaya station. :neutral_face:

There was also an under $20.00 station, and maybe Mediterranean diet.

The recipes we got were for
Relatively simple whole wheat bread dough
Hummus bi tahini
Green papaya salad with shrimp Nuoc Cham vinaigrette and peanuts
Thai chicken salad
salad rolls with fried tofu, green beans, almonds, basil, and chili lime dipping sauce
Tinga Verde de pollo con calabacitas
Chipotle beef and mushroom sliders with avocado mango salsa
Joyce’s white bean Caesar salad (salad dressing included pureed white beans, replacing some oil, I think.)

My favorite was the papaya salad, probably because of the dressing.

Tommorow is “Healthy Flavors of Asia”, and “The Teaching Kitchen Collaborative”.


The facility looks like a dream to use for a cooking class! Have fun - the conference schedule looks quite interesting.


CIA bought what used to be Copia several years ago, and have been turning into a teaching venue. This is the first time it was used for this course which used to be held at Greystone. There were a few hiccups with chefs getting the hang of the induction burners in the demonstration classes.


Haha, literally “too many cooks in the kitchen”! I love a good papaya salad myself, although not so easy to find a good vegetarian version which makes me appreciate it more.