Hawaiian cookbook

I’m looking for a cookbook for making home-style Hawaiian dishes. I don’t want high-end, chef-driven recipes, just something like your Hawaiian mom would make. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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And it’s a free, pdf publication.

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I have this book - I’m not sure why or where it came from. I’d be happy to send it to you.

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Thanks for your generous offer. I’ll let you know!

I have numerous ideas for you @TheLibrarian28, will post tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Alohaworld.com. They have a bunch (967) recipes posted on their website. Aloha,

I have been watching great chefs of Hawaii on Amazon prime . Lots of great recipes. Love it.

I’ve got the book version that goes along with the series, but I’ve never watched it. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow night. Thanks for the reminder @emglow101.

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Sure thing.

I would recommend any of these books; A Taste of Aloha before the other two pictured with it. You can’t miss with the Jean Watanabe Hee books, as well as the community cookbooks pictured also.
I’ve got others, just let me know if you’d like to see them. Quite a few cheffy ones too, but I’d need a sous chef or 2 to use them probably…@Thelibrarian28.

Just wanted to add, absolutely beautiful art in top three books.

Here are the Hee books.

Thanks for the info and pictures. I actually bought a used copy of A Taste of Aloha on Amazon. Can’t wait to take a look. Do you have any favorite recipes from it?
I just checked, and our local public library system has a copy of Jean Hee’s Best of the Best Hawai’i recipes, and I requested that.
I’ve been in a cooking slump for the last couple of months, and maybe trying some of these new recipes will help!

Good job on selecting A Taste of Aloha - that would have been my very first recommendation. The recipes I like are the Somen Salad, but I wouldn’t use canned crab. If you like it, I’d use as much King Crab or Dungie as possible. If not, fresh shrimp, shell off, tail off, and deveined would be 2nd choice.
The kalbi beef is excellent. Two more favorites are the mango sauce, and mango chutney. I like the mango bread too, but not the one with bran buds in it. Oh and the Portuguese Bean Soup is great. Have fun with the book @TheLibrarian28!

Thank you so much. I can’t wait to try your recs and other recipes! I live in the SF Bay area so I would never use canned crab. But Dungeness is expensive so I’ll probably go with the shrimp. I love kalbi beef so that is a for sure try, and the Portuguese Bean Soup will be perfect for the cooler weather.

Life is too short for canned crab…


Long time lurker, new at posting here.
May I suggest Sheldon Simeon’s new book, “Cook Real Hawaii”.
As a Hawaii resident, and avid home chef, I can say that the is a wonderful overview of Hawaii cuisine, with a wonderful chef’s touch.
websites… Cooking Hawaiian Style and Onolicous Hawaii both stand out.


Melanie Wong recommended this on chowhound. I love reading vintage recipes.

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