Harvey decimated Galveston Bay's oyster beds

How time flies!

:astonished::blush: What can I tell you. Just another milestone in a life full of accolades, awards and achievements. :grin:

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Well, well, well! How 'bout them apples?

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Well that’s a tune change! I’m certainly doing my share of consuming. I now call Mondays, oyster Monday.

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That’s good news for the fishermen down there. Maybe they’ll have the San Leon Oyster Fest again this year with all you can eat oysters. I was certain it would be canceled.

The article and other people keep referring to Hurricane Harvey in the Galveston Bay watershed. It was a tropical storm not a hurricane. Tropical storms can cause catastrophic flooding and there have been three in my lifetime, Harvey, Allison, and the downgraded depression Claudette in 1979. I feel for all the flood victims.

Rockport took a direct hit from cat 4 Hurricane Harvey at maximum intensity with measured sustained winds of 130 mph. It got flattened.

I listen to a fishing show on the weekend and one of the guides has called in a couple and she and her husband live in a 4 thousand dollar a month trailer in their driveway.

She says the town is still suffering and urges folks to come visit and stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, and hire a fishing guide.

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I may have asked this before but where?

Where do I eat oysters on Mondays? A’bouzy on Westheimer has them for .25 apiece on Mondays from 11-3. Too bad the next two Mondays are holidays, I will miss it.

And I guess they call it Hurricane Harvey because that’s what it came ashore named. Come over to west Memorial in the Ashford Forest subdivision, lots of people are living in RVs in their driveways. Fleetwood is just deserted. No foliage came back, it’s all brown. It’s truly awful right here in Houston too. I drove by J. Alexander’s restaurant today, it’s just a shell with no glass in the windows.

But I feel for Rockport and hope to make it down there soon. There’s a little place called Shempy’s I want to spend money at. A family member drove down to Rockport to buy seafood a week before the hurricane little knowing what was coming.


Is my math stupid or is that 3 dollars a dozen? I’m gonna have to call in sick on a Monday.

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Indeedy! I have only missed one Monday since it started!

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I stopped by Blue Horizon yesterday. They had some ‘appellation’ oysters on display; I thought I’d remember the name but I can’t - didn’t recognize it so assumed they weren’t from around here. $1.25 each, in the shell. I just wanted some oysters to make Vuelve a la Vida so I went to the big Fiesta on Kirby. I don’t think the new owners have redone it as much as they have some of the older stores I’ve been too but it’s a very nice store. A small but very busy seafood department. They had Jeri’s oysters in the coffin box type coolers, help yourself, 8 oz, 16 oz and I guess half gallon tubs. I got a pint for $9.99 which is what i think I was paying last year at the late HEB on S. Braeswood. Apparently there isn’t a shortage. Jeri’s is in Anahuac and I think I remember reading their beds are in Trinity Bay. They’re pretty good oysters. So good I’ve barely been able to force myself to save a few for the Coctel.

@jcostiones - I saw their smoked turkey legs, in a grab-n-go hot display case near the front and in the hot deli next to the seafood dept. Also their smoked sausage which looks pretty good. However, I bought a Bunuelo, about 8" around. Everybody knows bunuelos are more nutritious and better for you than smoked turkey legs or sausage :yum:.

Their churros looked pretty good too.

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Everybody except me. What’s a bunuelo?

And what’s a Blue Horizon?

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Upscale, small seafood market in The Village. I had bought some Matagorda Bay oysters there in the past.

Sorry. I have trouble remembering the names of different styles of pan dulce; don’t know why I should think others do know them.

At Fiesta it’s a very, very, very flaky pastry dusted with cinnamon and sugar. I was being facetious about it being more nutritious.

This is the closest pic I found on the web, from McCormick:

I didn’t realize it was mainly a Christmas pastry.

No syrup for the ones at Fiesta.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Feliz Navidad amigos!


…and Merry Christmas to all.


I hope you all get everything your heart desires.


I’ve already got it, The Wifeacita!


:heart: :heart: :honeybee: Sweet!

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