PJ Stoops returns as fishmonger - Houston

Stoops - who just walked out of Foreign Correspondents - has tweeted he is now with Blue Horizon Seafood Mkt, on Wroxton off Kirby, just south of Bissonnet.

I had never heard of this place but will be checking it out. I hope this means something like a return of the Total Catch Market he ran at Louisiana Foods that I (and I believe Sr. Ostiones) was very fond of.

Really good reviews on YELP



Add pop-ups at Ladybird’s bar in the Heights.

Nice to know that seafood market is there!

I just called them and they quoted 31 bucks a quart for oysters shucked, a bit more than LA Foods but a huge plus that they’re Matagorda oysters.

I’m gonna give 'em a couple of weeks to be sure I get some fresh ones after the cold snap.

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I went to Blue Horizon today. It’s wholesale/retail. There’s a sign on Bissonnet - you can cut through a parking lot to Wroxton or just go around the block. The warehouse door was open and a crew of about 6 was sitting at a table eating - dang - no crawfish etouffee or you-buy-we-fry, though.

I got a pint of oysters from Arnold’s in Matagorda - “The Best Little Oyster House in Texas.” $16,50. ‘Fresh from the shell not soaked.’ Just tasted a half dozen of them - mighty fine. Sweetest oysters I’ve had this year. I may not fry any of these babies. In a shrink wrap/heat sealed (?) bag that becomes a ziplock bag once the seal is opened. I’ve a very happy camper.

Also got a pound of wild gulf shrimp, medium - $11. Jumbo shrimp were $16.50.

Red Snapper fillets were 22.50 and they had a big pile, whole red snapper - $16.50??? I’ve been taking antihistamines and they affect me mentally so I’m not sure of that. Vermillion snapper was $10.95 whole.

Everything looked very good except one lonely grouper fillet that looked like it might have been around a little long. Several racks of sauces, etc. One freezer upright that had some prepared offerings that caught my attention but I can’t remember any of what it was, now. Nothing in-house produced I think.

We’re going back to Seabrook manana, the Wifecita enjoys the drive and Galveston Bay views.

Blue Horizon is on the horizon as I don’t mind paying extra for good oysters. The best freshly shucked oysters I’ve had was at the original Captain Benny’s S. Main back in the 1880’s, Matagorda Bay beauties!

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I was there this week. Down around 40th street on the seawall, they are doing work on the beach, perhaps adding sand. At times there is a fantastic fountain spewing from the beach, a fun sight.

We ate at Nonno Tony’s and I was craving spaghetti with meat sauce for some reason. They had bolognese sauce on the menu as an option for meatballs and spaghetti as a “side dish.” They cobbled together the spaghetti bolognese for me and it was some of the most delicious I have ever had. Spent many years going to Galveston and I had never stopped there. We will definitely be back despite the weird menu configuration (for other instance, I wanted just a small salad to start and only bigguns were on the menu. They said they had small caesar or chopped salads for #3.50, not on the menu.)

Nonno Tony’s is at Pier 21 next to Olympia Grill.