Harvey decimated Galveston Bay's oyster beds

Merry Christmas!! To all you hungryonions.


Matagorda Bay oysters are alive and well. The Wifeacita and I ate right at 40 from Fountain View Fish Market tonight in a shockingly short amount of time.

They were nice sized, perfectly fried, and absolutely delicious. Heaven on a plastic plate.


Did you leave any for the rest of us???

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Not a crumb, literally!

We could have fed on more oysters, not crumbs.

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I misspoke, there would not have been a crumb left.

I’m a bit concerned about Mr. Hiu, the owner. He was next door at the dress shop they own.

His niece said he was tired and he didn’t look his normal self.

She was running the place and was quite the dynamo serving, cleaning, and being sure the staff didn’t overcook the food, her words.

She is incredible and I hope everything is ok there.

Um. Sorry to hear that.

At CM I saw Connecticut Blue Points and Malpeques in the shell (don’t remember the price) and shucked Gulf (or was it Texas Gulf?) and shucked Pacific oysters, both $9.99 a lb I think. Didn’t buy any.

Went to J&J last week to get some Jeri’s. The containers weren’t labeled so I asked. Apparently I was talking to the owner and he likes to talk. He said they’re from Jeri’s, that’s all they’ve carried for at least 30 years, but Jeri’s won’t deliver to them anymore (drivers complained of his small parking lot) so they have to go to their wholesaler to buy them, they get them in bulk and package them themselves.

Oysters I bought at FIesta/Kirby recently were in containers with the Jeri’s label.

Something I’m keeping an eye on - Lotus’ parking lot has not been full lately several times when I’ve gone by. It’s always been packed, for years. Wondering what’s going on. Don’t see anything online about a change of ownership or anything.

9.99 a pound. Buy them. Every last one.

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Tee-hee-hee. Mebbe I read the sign wrong :blush:.