Happy Birthday, Moka Pot!


I have seen this many times, and I don’t know anything about it. Time to read a little.

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The Moka pot is sheer brilliance. Treasure the coffee stains over the bare aluminum. Italians do. If you like a morning cafe con latte, but do not want to have to drive and pay several dollars for it, a shot or two from the Moka pot and some hot milk frothed with one of those inexpensive battery powered frothers is excellent. I like Cafe Bustelo or La Llave in mine.


Do the 2023 models have an induction base?

I like induction fine, but sometime they do it too much (as in doing induction when there is no advantage). Remember Miito?


Never had one that didn’t leak.

Induction models are widely available here in Europe, but I’m not sure if Bialetti themselves make one.

I have had my 6 cup for many years . I have to order another one . I forgot to put water in it . Whats that smell . Oh crap . Im using the 3 cup at the moment.

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Just watched this youtube. Pretty cool toy.

Make Great Coffee with a Moka Pot - YouTube


I have two of them at home! Never use them though, unless my espresso machine needs to go away for maintenance a few days.

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Imusa makes an electric one that I’ve almost bought a few times. I have an electric stove so its pretty wasteful to have it sitting on a too’big burner.

But i love moka coffee.

There are two local roasters in Tampa who make amazing Cuban coffee…if you can find Naviera or Caracolillo you’ll have a hard time going back to Bustelo or Pilon

By the way, another very famous Italian coffee invention is the e61 grouphead. Introduced in 1961 by Faema. Many new prosumer home espresso machines still have this old grouphead!


I keep getting ads for espresso machines. Most are 15 or 19 bar. But what I read is that for the perfect espresso you only want 9 bar. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced 9 bar machine?

I am a big fan of lever machines. Spring loaded, like my Elektra, generate about 6+. The type without a spring can supply as many or as few as you like since you supply the power. My Elektra makes an awfully good shot using my Sette 270 grinder and fresh beans.

You missed “reasonably priced.” I’ll stick with my fake Bialetti moka for now.

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Nespresso? Machines can be had for little money, it’s just the coffee that is expensive.

Pods? Never! I add my spent grounds to my compost.


Some reasonably priced lever machines pop up on eBay with regularity, especially LaPavonis. They are very simple designs and therefore easy to bring back to great condition with little effort or knowledge. They do have a learning curve, and some of the used ones were apparently let go because the buyer was smitten by their beauty but quickly decided their temperaments were better suited to pushing buttons, but many are clearly well used and obviously enjoyed, probably left for a higher end machine. The LP is capable of producing phenomenal espresso with the right touch.

More than 50 years ago I attempted to get a La Pavoni repaired. It belonged to a relative and the machine was absolutely beautiful…Beautiful until you looked inside the tank. The heating coils were melted in the bottom of the tank. Knowing the now long gone relative my assumption was that last coffee it had made was of the Irish variety and the machine had been left on after the tank was empty. I was told that it could not be repaired.


I bought a moka pot last year, but I only use it to brew strong tea for my HK style milk tea. :smirk: