Hachiya Persimmons: best ways to use them...

Just got a box of beautiful fall hachiya persimmons from a friend’s backyard. Now, what are the best ways to use and enjoy them? Thanks…

I remember a fabulous british style steamed persimmon pudding i once had at a restaurant, more like a cake really. It had some warm spices to it and was dark and dense

These persimmons are also great in quick breads and muffins, or cut in half and freeze, then eat the innards semi frozen like an all natural sorbet.

Once they are very ripe and sweet, one of my favorite things to do is to spread some creamy ricotta (whisk or machine-blend with a little cream to make a so-so ricotta better) on grilled or toasted bread, then dollop the persimmon on top.

They’re good in salads too, especially with chicories and bitter greens. Kale, persimmon and pomegranate is a classic combination that usually calls for Fuyu persimmons, but I prefer the sweetness of the Hachiya. The texture is much softer with the Hichayas, but I actually prefer that smooth slipperiness with the crisp kale.

And there are tons of cookie recipes out there. In quick breads, you can substitute Hachiya purée for applesauce. Or the purée might might be nice in a gelato, if you still have your ice-cream maker out.

persimmon negroni

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