Gyro Gyro [Hartsdale NY]

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Gyro Gyro in Hartsdale opened today!

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Did you go? Any good?

I did go but only my teenage daughter ate. She had a chicken gyro with handcut French fries. She really enjoyed it. I didn’t have anything because I am still trying to get over a cold so I can’t taste or smell anything. So, I didn’t bother eating anything. Very annoying! Spoke to the new owner(s) for a few minutes. They seem very nice and enthusiastic. They are not discouraged by the location (obviously) and said most of their business will probably be delivery ( Hartsdale only) They will also offer curbside delivery as there is a hydrant out front where cars can stand temporarily. They have the same seating in rhe back , as gyro kitchen, with the addition of some Edison bulb lighting and a new sprinkler system. We were there for about 10 minutes and two other customers came in. I think if their food is good quality people will come. I can’t wait to go back and
try it!

@ADR thanks for the report! If the food is good there is certainly a lot of potential business along E Hartsdale Ave. Anything else new and interesting in the area?

Gyro Gyro, Hartsdale

Finally, a good Gyro place in Westchester. Today I pigged out a bit, but I missed breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc. working in the yard all day. I had two of their sandwiches, one pork gyro (what they call Gyro Gyro) and one Beef/Lamb gyro. Came with tzatziki, onions, tomatoes, and Greek seasoned french fries. I don’t like fries on my gyro’s and got them on the side. The cashier said that it looks like most folks so far ask for the fries on the side. The meats were moist and tasty, and lots of it on the sandwiches. Nicely balanced with the sauce and veggies, and flavorful. The fries are very nicely seasoned, a bit soft, but good.

I look forward to trying the chicken gyro, and the chicken, the pork, and the shrimp souvlaki; as well as the bifteki burger. The salads sound tasty too.

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Yay! Glad GyroGyro got your stamp of approval JMF! Took my son there today and he ordered a shrimp souvlaki on whole wheat pita. He gave it an 8/10. Can’t wait until I’m over this stupid cold so I can actually taste the food for myself.

How is The Souvlaki Truck’s gyro compared to Gyro Gyro? Any idea?

Both good, prices similar.

Ordered delivery on Monday. Their delivery service needs to be worked on, but it was the day after opening, so it can be excused. Food was no longer hot when it arrived and since the containers were foil lined I could not put it in the microwave. Afraid to put it in the toaster over because the outside of the containers were not foil and I was afraid it would burn. Too lazy to unload the containers and put in the toaster oven. Got the Beef/Lamb gyro platter and appetizer order of falafel. 4 falafel in the order. Not crisp but that could be because order was no longer hot. It was good but could use more spice. It came with a cup of tzatziki which happened to be fabulous. Loaded with shredded cucumber. The gyro platter came with fries and salad. Portions were generous. Since it was also no longer hot, it is difficult to rate the fries. They were seasoned nicely but not crisp. The meat was nicely seasoned and not dry. You had a choice of sauces. I chose hummus and “pink sauce” The pink sauce with simply Russian dressing. The accompanying salad was great. Came with a slice of feta cheese larger than a deck of cards. Was loaded with olives, at least 10. And there was at least a whole ripe cut up tomato. I asked for dressing on the side. It was only olive oil, but a nice fruity one.
For those readers who like visuals, I attached a picture of the order. Not a great picture, but you get the idea.
Note that the menu says there is a delivery charge of $2. When I questioned it, they waived it since I live up the block from them.

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Souvlaki truck burns their meats upon occasion and so they can have a bitter taste from the high flames on the grill. Without the french fries their sandwich is kind of small. Their meat is never moist.

Gyro Gyro is a bigger sandwich, moist, and better prepared. Also, they seem to be the only place that knows how to fold and serve a gyro properly so you can eat it without a mess. They fold it onto a cone, and wrap it in paper cone, then place in a foil bag to keep warm.

They are open, and good. Moist meats, lots of it on the sandwiches. Decent prices.

Good to hear. Their new name is Gyro Gyro. I don’t see a site yet, but here’s their menu:

This is their website

That’s strange, I had a really moist souvlaki and gyro recently from the souvlaki truck. I think it depends on when you go.

I had their chicken Gyro yesterday and it was great. I made sure to order tzatziki not their special sauce. Fries on the side. (They have two special sauces. One is a ketchup/mayo with herbs and spices. the other is Mustard/Mayo with herbs and spices.) I ate in and the fries were nice and crispy and well seasoned. Take out, the fries are in a foil lined box and they steam up and get soft.

So now I have tried their three types of gyro and all are very good. Next is to make my way through their souvlaki. Chicken, Pork, and Shrimp souvlaki skewers.

Their salads and dips all looked great. Have to try them as well.