Group Dinner 6/28 at Wu's

Dave Cook, saregama & I are going to Wu’s for an HO group dinner on Tues 6/28 and I’m starting this thread for anyone who wants to join us. We’re shooting for 8 total to keep it a good social event. It’ll be indoors, as that’s where their large round group tables are (& its a better environment as well). Please use this thread to let us know if you want to join us. Looking forward to hearing from you &, even better, meeting you.
Steve R.

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Great. We’ll give you the hip friendly seat.
And vinouspleasure said he’s in as well, so we have 5 so far.

Hopefully I’ll be walking-device free by then. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Linking to where we started talking about this

@NotJrvedivici et al - the NJ crew is welcome to join if you are willing to drive in on a weeknight!

(Paging @escaped)

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Hi there, I would love to join you on the 28th! --Nina K.


thats during my trip time but so glad this is happening! Looking forward to the report.
This discussion made me realize how very many years its been since I spent significant time in NY Chinatown (since my job from which I am now retired moved to NJ, really) Will be happy to reconnect at a later time.


i’m in! we leave fl june 18, decided on just a few minor stops, should be back by then. wu’s is byob, yes?

So far, yes.

This sounds awesome, barring a work emergency that evening I’m in!

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So far, that’s 7:
Steve R

I wish I could join you all. I was in NYC earlier this month but won’t be back in time.

  • if there’s still room, my wife would like to join
  • what time should we meet?
  • do we want to order the roast suckling pig in advance?


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Absolutely. With her, we have 8. Reservation has been made at 7pm.
Saregama & I talked about the possibility of doing one of the large format advance orders but, since this is a first get together for folks who don’t know each other, we didn’t think that adding over $20pp for the pig (which I’ve had & wasn’t impressed with) or even double or triple that for the crab, was advisable. Plenty of other stuff to be had.
See you all there. Looking forward to meeting those I don’t know & even those I do. :innocent:


looking forward to it!

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Non-pig-eater says thank you.

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:pig: :wink:

Maybe we can do some of the large dishes from the menu that don’t need pre-ordering - there’s crab that seems to run sub-100, and there’s also various bbq and roast meat dishes that we could get (incl pork and duck, which I’d be glad to do).

My first time in a group at Wu’s, so if people have been before and have suggestions, please share!


I like the oysters with ginger and scallion. Of course, if you put ginger and scallion on it, I’d eat a stick.


I like everything which, as I’ve gotten older, has become more of a problem.

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