Grilling season. . .your faves?

Love cooking out on the grill during the summer and late fall.
Cooking Seared Ahi with asparagus… Corn slathered with mayo and freshly grated reggiano parm and then wrapped in foil…holy mother of God, this sounds so gross but it is so dang good!
Chicken kabobs with mushrooms with red onions and cherry tomts…

What are your faves on the grill?

Calves kidneys are tops.
Lamb shoulder, bone in. Low and slow.
Venison burgers, fresh onion and green pepper mixed in.
Hand made sausages. Wild hog, venison, pheasant, all are good on the grill.
Lamb innards/offal wrapped in caul fat and casings. AKA kokoretsi. By far a favourite amongst grill mates.
Kontosouvli of either pork or lamb. Never a miss at the grill.

All types of meat, burgers to steaks. Almost all vegetables. If it’s super hot, foil packets of things so as to not heat up the house any more.

But I’ll add here that we live in snow country and grill year round. The grill is under an eave of the house and the ‘griller’ just pulls up the hood of his jacket.


I heard the Sierras just got another 1-2 inches last weekend…we need it!

I love grilled veggies…the more veggies, the better!

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Squaw Valley got 18" and we at the lake got about 8". It snowed all day Friday. We’re supposed to get a bit more over the coming days. Yippee! Yep, great grilling weather :slight_smile:

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Lamb kabobs.

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Here is a list of my favorite summer grilling meals;

1.) Steak
2.) Steak
3.) Steak
4.) Steak
5.) Steak

Those are my top 5, generally if I can’t get one of those then I’ll just throw a steak on the grill.


Well since it was beautiful out today I decided to grill and of course this thread came to mind. I couldn’t decide did I want 1-2-3-4-5 or my stand by, maybe I really want 2, no 4, uggggh really want 1…I just went for it!


Unfortunately i have no grill of my own (nyc apartment) but my good friends do :smile:
My favorites are asparagus, zucchini, corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, extra firm tofu, cauliflower steaks, romaine, cabbage, any kind of onions, seitan with bbq sauce, potatoes, pineapple, apricots, grapefruit, good bread…
I’ve found marinades don’t make much of a difference with veggies so they’re grilled with just olive oil and seasonings like smoked paprika, lemon pepper, or whatever herb mix. Or if they’re naked they get a bit of basalmic and pepper once done. Corn almost always gets the mexican street corn prep

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Agree. And aren’t cauliflower “steaks” super? This from an omnivore :slight_smile:


If I grill it is usually a tri tip .Or I’ll do a 3" cut t bone that I have my butcher cut off the primal . Then pretend to be Dario Cecchini when I cook it . As far as outdoor cooking I like the low and slow barbecue . Now that’s my real fave for another discussion

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I don’t pretend to have the proper vocabulary but wouldn’t that be the other way around?

I don’t know about the vocabulary . Maybe ask gaff . It’s a 3’’ cut off a 3’ side of beef .

I didn’t read it properly. Thanks for elaborating. I understand now.

Korean BBQ – bone-in short ribs, thin sliced rib eye and chicken. We have a local Korean Market that sells amazing pre-marinaded meats.
Chicken and Pork Satay
Steaks (NY strip or ribeye)
Tandoori Chicken
Shrimp using this recipe – it’s delicious. I always get asked to make this when I have a get together as an appetizer:
Corn on the cob – grilled without the husk until the kernels are nicely browned, then rubbed with lime and sprinkled with Tajin or Mexican spicy fruit seasoning.


I don’t eat red meat JR but that looks damn good!

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We grill all year too. When done with the front, the snowblower heads around back and clears a path to the grilling area. Weber gas for things like burgers & the BGE for steaks, pork chops & ribs.

Actually nice not to have to clean up pots, pans and spatter when done. Quick load of a few plates and silverware in the dishwasher and off to an after diner drink.


Our grill is on the deck and our smoker is under the deck in a shed, easy to pull it out.

You would be a good candidate to experiment with a little custom aging of sub primals. I saw a couple nicely marbled whole 0x1 striploins at BJ’s the other day that had a lot of potential.

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  1. STEAK (My own custom aged)
  2. BURGERS (My own ground or from a trusted butcher friend)
  3. PORK CHOPS (Double thick bone-in Leidy’s all natural PA Dutch)
  4. RIBS (Pork & Beef back ribs smoked)
  6. FISH (Fin & Shell)
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