Grilling season. . .your faves?

Pork souvlaki sounds good right about now… I’ll prep some now for the grill tonight…

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Just because nobody’s mentioned it so far: kielbasa. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and the number one thing I missed was grilled kielbasa. It has to be seriously degreased in the process, though. Sometimes I will cut them longitudinally in quarters to maximize surface area, and rinse them in hot water to get a little more grease off them. And the edges must have a little char.

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It’s too early but I think my favorite thing off a grill is corn on the Cobb. Maybe it’s a childhood memory thing, but corn on the grill tastes like corn done no other way to me.


That and bratwurst…Yum!

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Pizza is a big thing with the Big Green Egg. Will have to get my Italian sister in law to make me some dough and give it a shot.


Rib-eye steak.
My man’s lamb shish kebabs.
Pork souvlaki.
Trini-Chinese chicken.
Zucchini & Eggplant & Peppers.

I like a lot of things grilled, tho.


Now that grilling season is upon us we are going to have to do a thread on grinding your own fresh GB soon. So many different takes on it we should get lots of ideas.

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I had to think about that. GB = ground beef? We mostly used home ground pork. Far prefer it to beef. Just picked up a small pork shoulder and will grind tomorrow.

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Funny U mention that, I have a whole boneless pork butt in the freezer from Rest Depot (whats left of a 2 pack) that is needs to be smoked soon. May just wack off a big chunk of it and add it to the burger blend.


Fire-roasted whole potatoes.
Any sausage/wurst.
Bone-in Chicken (because it’s so forgiving).
Pork ribs (low & slow in the oven–then only finished on the grill).
Mixed Grill Kebobs.

I’m a dofus with a good steak, so avoid those.

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Grilling… we do it year-round [when it is above 0º], but almost every dinner during the summer involves our charcoal grill. Favorites are incredibly numerous:

Meat: lamb ribs, lamb kabobs, steak, chicken parts, chicken whole, chicken satay, beef fajitas, hamburgers, lamb burgers, whole fish and then if we adding smoking… we move into sausage, brisket, pork ribs, lamb ribs, pastrami, and of course, pork belly.

Vegetables. Well that includes anything you can “plank” like zucchini, asparagus [early season], and even some romaine and other leafy greens.

I can not talk Mr. Grill into dough on the grill, so no pizza or flatbreads. Maybe this will be the year!


My attorney was looking for ramps and wanting to stay in his good graces, went on a hunt for the elusive ramps in So Cal.

Found them at Speciality Produce downtown…what a fab place and they are open to the general public, which I always thought it was for wholesale only…

Bought a pound and wrapped them like a bouquet of flowers and delivered to his office and I got this extremely happy email…
Stated he will be grilling them and served with a sherry vinaigrette…

Took a couple from his bunch and plan to grill them, along with some gorgeous asapargus and Alaskan Halibut…

Can’t wait to find out what is all the hoopla of the elusive ramps!


Put them on our pizza last night with garlic and the ramps were delicious…
Also, made a salad with the leaves, and stalk with heirloom cherry tomts and avocado with a blue cheese dressing…

Had some gorgeous Meyer lemons that I spritzed over the sale…fab!

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I love grilling corn. I also like mixed grill- pork tenderloin, 8/10 count shrimp and chicken breasts marinated and then thrown on the barbeque.

I love grilled shrimp that have been marinated in olive oil & fresh herbs. Unfortunately people have a habit of overcooking shrimp on the grill. Quick sear on both sides and get them off !!!


As an aside, I think people tend to overcook shrimp period. When ‘boiling’ I bring the water to a boil, add the shrimp, cover and remove from heat. In four minutes they’re done and I dump them in an ice bath.

Pinoy pork grilled skewers, garlic/thyme/scotch bonnet pork belly,Butterflied chicken in a Harissa marinade under brick,lamb spidies,honey/5 spice chicken wings… to name a few.

Agree 100%, same goes for scallops & lobster. Sadly enough best done in your own kitchen. PS: Jury still out but warm water off the N/E coast could bring deep/cold water lobsters into the shallows early flooding the market and driving down prices. Should know in June.

I hate how people over cook scallops (shrimp and lobster too, of course).

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