Griddle recommendations

I just upgraded from a Jennair dual-fuel downdraft range to a KitchenAir all-electric (non-induction) model. I like the more even heat and the fast heating but miss my griddle. Any suggestions for a two-burner griddle no wider than 11 1/2"?

Cast iron griddles’ poor heat distribution really shows up. A large pancake will show the darker area in the shape of the element. I would try to get a nice slab of aluminum cut to size.

Baking steel makes a griddle. Love their steel, covet a griddle.


I have a Frigidaire Gallery ceramic cooktop that actually has three element (two pan elements plus a bridge element in between) heat on the left side. Problem is I have yet to find a decent griddle to cover that area (ideally 8-9 x 17)… but the best so far has been an aluminum model from Nordic Ware.

I have tried several others including cast iron (hated it), and none have fit the burners all that well, so I just prefer a cheapo Presto electric griddle. If you’re looking for high heat this is not a good choice… but for pancakes, muffins, pita/flatbreads, crepes, and tortillas it works great (and is actually more responsive).

I have been considering an electric griddle. Reviews if have seen of the Nordic Ware griddle is that it tends to warp. Have you experienced that?

I had an electric one, not expensive but ineffective. Did not get evenly hot or very hot.
I’ve seen nice electric ones but expensive and bulky.

I love my cast iron skillets but I agree that large cast iron griddles are problematic. I have a single burner Lodge cast iron grill/griddle. Maybe I’ll give it a try as an interim measure.

Yup. Most aluminum ones tend to warp, but you’ll only notice it on glass/ceramic cooktops (they spin with the least pressure).

That has been my conclusion but I’m willing to give it a shot. I don’t need very hot for pancakes and latkes.

The cheapo electric griddles are not even if you expect them to come up to temp quickly (the element underneath is not routed evenly). But the surface is aluminum, and will distribute heat evenly given enough time.

Turn it on before you start to throw your batter/dough together, and it will be fine by the time you’re ready. I get very even pancakes/pita/eggs/etc. as long as I give it plenty of time.

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What makes the <11.5" max width necessary?

These are good:

That is the distance from the edge of the cooktop to the downdraft vent.

I have the Presto… and given the above mentioned caveats I have been pretty happy with it. I don’t do burgers on it… but for just about anything I don’t need searing heat for it has been great.

Thanks! I am looking for something to do pancakes and French toast on mostly. This sounds like it would work fine for that.

OK… Unless you have combustible countertops and can’t cover any part of the downdraft, I don’t see an issue. But I understand how you might want a look that visually “fits” better.

Let us know what griddle you end up with.

The downdraft grill would prevent a wider griddle from sitting flat on the surface.

Wow, what an unforced design error. I can imagine applications where you’d want or need a pan to sit astride both an element and intake grille. Maybe fajitas?

If the grille removes easily, maybe it can be milled down flush.

It will… and I use it for a lot of items that cook at middle temps (eggs, salmon, muffins, etc.), and even use it for keeping taco fillings warm while heating tortillas… plus it frees up two more burners on the cook top for other things (c;

No, it is not a design error. There has to be a grill over the downdraft vent. That is the tradeoff for not needing a vent hood hanging down in the middle of the kitchen. I cannot imagine why one would want to put a pan on the vent. That would rather defeat its purpose.

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Sigh… How “tall” is this grille? Would the downdraft function any differently if it were flush?

The reason this is a design blow is that it could be useful to have more pan area closer to the downdraft. A round pan that can only be perched adjacent will “draw” less than one that can be praced partway on the grill. To make that impossible is to err, IMO.

Having the grill stand proud also affects staging, and not in a good way.