Griddle for induction range

I am looking for a decent griddle that will work on a two 2500 watt elements on a GE Cafe induction range. Must be magnetic. Any recommendations are welcome! Tx.

Lodge makes a couple of cast iron griddles… but they are reversible (as are most cast iron models), meaning that they do not have smooth, flat bottoms so I don’t know how well they’ll work on induction.

The only perfectly smooth bottomed cast iron griddle I recall is the Le Creuset… with the only downside being it is expensive.

Made In has one that they advertise as induction compatible, but I do not own it.

Yeah, but it is carbon steel and you’ll get better heat retention from cast iron. Given they are pretty much the same price, I would choose the LC.

The Demeyere plancha/teppanyaki is still the gold standard.

Recall OP is asking for “decent”, not necessarily “best”.

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I think the context might mean ‘decent’ is better than the usual crap. When it comes to double griddles, most are crap. The Demeyere does go on sale occasionally, too.

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Do you know if they discontinued it? I was searching for it and one of the hits was your testing results from 2016.

Looking at Zwilling’s website the only teppanyaki I see is the Staub cast iron.

Someone just asked this question. I think I found it for them at Berondi.

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The one I got did such a heat-retaining number on my old smoothtop electric range that I’m afraid to try it on the induction stove. :joy:

After using the Demeyere teppanyaki NOT at high heat:

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Your cooker told you to FO?


Yeah, and it even got the oven into the act.

I flipped The breaker and it cleared, but I replaced the stove within the year, because it was about time to redo the appliances.

What I call the Amazon Lemon Reviews (1 and 2 star reviews combined) are over 17%. Many complain that the “legs” or ridges or whatever under it, make it not useful with induction, apparently raising it up just enough that induction heating does not work well.

(“Rust” is an also common complaint, but obs that’s not a maker problem, LoL)

I don’t use it for induction, but if that’s a problem this is why you order it from Amazaon.

Free and easy returns for 30 days.

The ad copy suggests Viking knows it’s going to be a problem on induction.

Oh, I think it clear by obfuscation that they’re a no-go on induction, which is conspicuous by its absence.

And then there’s “Compatible with Most Cooktops”


It may actually work somewhat on induction using the side with the taller sidewalls/moat oriented upward.

Bear in mind that Viking once accomplished the unthinkable: It marketed induction appliances that would not “work” with Le Creuset ECI.

What a WIN!!!

Okay, give, please. How did they manage this? An induction field that was too diffuse higher than 2 mm off the ceramic surface or something?