GREEK - Summer 2021 (Jul-Sept) Cuisine of the Quarter

The article calls it deconstructed yemista, which reminds me that the big tomatoes are in the greengrocer now (not quite ripe yet, but soon), and I’ll make stuffed tomatoes.


Yep, it was very similar to the filling for yemista. Pretty good.

I like this filling, from my old blog.

@ernie_in_berkeley, I realized tonight, I think I would have preferred Tomatorizo / Ntomatorizo / tomato rice with keftedes or biftekia on top.


The nicer Greek restos in Greece, Toronto and Montreal often keep a slab of better grade feta in one piece on a good Village Salad / Horiatiki , rather than feta crumbles or small chunks.


Good call! I remember this salad type, had it in Ermoupoli. It doesn’t look great but that brick of Feta was delicious! The olives were pretty good, too.
I do not think I met a bad olive in Greece, though.


CROUTONS? :scream: :scream: :scream:

I’m about to pull a Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest here!

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LOL! I wondered about that. Did I get them because I looked like a tourist?
But it was the best salad I have had in 5 years.
Well, it is the only salad I remember in 5 or 10 years.
The coffee was prep’ed tableside and was outstanding.

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Cretan Dakos in Salad are similar to croutons in concept, just bigger.

Megakruton. It comes from the Greek, Crete to be specific.

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Crunchy hard bread in salad is a thing in Crete and some Aegean islands. Not unreasonable.

Dakos can be served in salad whole

or broken up


I don’t care for croutons in my salad, least of all village salad, which I prefer as simple as it comes.

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You do your salad, I’ll do my salad.

I like home-made croutons a little more than imported dakos, and I like good pita chips in fattoush.

I would eat good homemade croutons in a village salad or substitute good homemade croutons or pita chips for Dakos in a Cretan Dakos Salad.

I don’t add croutons or make croutons often, but I would eat them if they showed up in a good Greek village salad.

I sometimes leave the onions and green peppers behind.

A lot of Greeks mop up the dressing off their plate or bottom of the salad bowl with a piece of bread or pita, so croutons could serve that purpose, as little bread sponges.

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An Ottolenghi take on Dakos Salad.

Frying the feta into croutons, an American blogger’s twist

Pita ≠ crouton.

We all have our personal preferences.

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This sounds interesting.

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