Greek Eats, Shrewsbury [NJ]

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Can I just gawk at the women on the class instead? That’s more my speed when it comes to excercise these days sadly


I didn’t order double meat yet, but I just assumed it’s an option due to the lax style/Chipotle-esque style of the restaurant. Probably only a few bucks more.

Also, Junior, I read about your Apella saga for the solo Mixed Grill challenge and I’m thoroughly impressed. I went there and split it with a friend the other week, they raised price from 39.50 to 49.50 but still so tasty.

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Hahahahahhaha…well I hope you enjoyed reading about it since I did it for all your enjoyment!! At 39.50 it was a bargain (for 2) at 49.50 it’s still decent.

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For those HOs who missed that one, here’s an outtake from the pics. In it I believe @NotJrvedivici is thinking he’s going to need to rent a second stomach for the night. Also featured prominently in the pic is @CurlzNJ left elbow.

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yet again I want to point out the amazingness of JR doing this challenge in a suit and tie instead of sweats like a mere mortal…

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I’m pretty sure by the end of it the jacket and tie were off, you know once the meat sweats started.


It wasn’t just ANY suit and tie, either… PINSTRIPES and some pretty stylin’ shoes, as I recall! But yes, the jacket and tie did eventually come off.


Well I didn’t want to start a new thread but has anyone tried gyro chef in Eatontown? I had lunch today and the chicken platter wasn’t too impressive. Greek eats destroys this place. I must say I did like their super salty feta though. For ten bucks I can get twice as much food at Greek eats.

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Will most likely be heading here tmw. Very excited as it’s been a while. I look forward to another chance to review. Platter or gyro is my big choice of the day


Let’s here the review if you went. I am really hoping this place lasts. The few recent trips I had were great and there was good traffic. Things look promising

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FYI don’t know if you noticed but they are delivering now!


That is awesome. I hope this place makes it. I’m too far for delivery but it is nice to hear they are “expanding”…if you will. The only thing is, I like to mingle with the food servers so I doubt I would ever get a heaping pile of food if delivery was an option. I use my devilishly handsome good looks to get a plate of food fit for a king (for those that don’t know me that is a huge joke lol :sweat_smile:)

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like much in my life lately- work got in the way and I didn’t;t reach the area until well after closing…would have posted a Jersey Mike’s review, but didn’t;t feel like eating a sandwich prepared by a guy taking out trash and mopping up…

will have to wait- but very much enjoy this place…hoping they make it, but my sense is skewed b/c I’m always there like 20 min before closing…

I can post a review of Shake Shack in VA finally- GREAT…ruined me for other burgers for a while.great fries, shakes…and the burgers had a great mineral meaty taste…have to try Pour House soon again compare my local fav to them in my mind (PH passed Barnacle Bills as tops in my book in the Monmouth County area…)

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Greek eats tonight was good as usual. They def don’t mind hooking you up on portions which I obliged. Beefteki loaded with red onions feta olives tomatoes cucumbers and tzatziki was well enjoyed as I sit here with a full stomach. Got there a bit earlier than normal and def noticed some more action than when I usually show up. Can’t be beat for 8 bucks

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@corvette_johnny weren’t you looking for good fresh cut fries??


Not me but I hear those are pretty decent. I think they are seasoned with thyme and rosemary possibly.

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You’re welcome!!
(Noticed this while at lunch today)


BOO. YAH! :joy:


Nice! I actually had the mixed grill for two last night at bayroot. The appella one is a much larger and better but I believe that place is gone. Oh well. I think I might have to try the stamna mixed grill next.