Greek Eats, Shrewsbury [NJ]

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What time were you at Bayroot last night? I was Europa our reservations were at 8pm as we were walking in it sounded like Bayroot was rocking, like a big party was going on. Sadly Europa sucked last night, like honestly I think the chef/head cook must have quit or been sick.


Yeah I was there at 8 and it was railed. Service was super slow. I was debating whether to try bayroot or europa. For 45 bucks I could have had 4 Greek eat platters and a lot more food, but you live and learn. It was decent but I wasn’t too impressed. It said the dish came with a salad. That never showed up and I never said anything. The shish kebab was the best of all 5 meats and had some bold flavor to it. The kafta was pretty weak. They got the grilled vegetables right with some good char but they needed a little s and p which I had to ask for. The side is a dish of rice and we had to ask for a spoon to serve it. Overall I won’t be rushing back but I would like to explore a few apps that looked tasty.

I am still a fan of nikkos. Their bread and olives just go well with a glass of wine. I guess comparing Greek vs leb isnt apples to apples, but to me they are pretty close.


Has anyone been hammering down these 5 dollar gyros?

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hit them up twice in last month…actually had my first mediocre experience- maybe not mediocre- but not a homerun- service wasn’t great and they skimped on portions a bit…other experience was on the money…still my go to spot when I’m alone for dinner…still haven’t actually made it home yet without eating in the car…

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The mediocre experience was maybe a new staff member, I’ve never had a skimpy serving. Not taking anything away from Greek Easts, have you ever taken the trip further south to Ocean and The Greek Spot? If not do yourself a favor next time you are alone for dinner, their dinners are unbeatable both in price and quality. (comes with a great Greek Salad too!!)

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yeah- was prob a one off to be honest, went back again and was better. Was literally first time I’ve walked out of there and not be thrilled.

I need to head to the G-Spot… it’s just so far compared to GE- but want to try the salad and the rest of the food…on my ever expanding list…


Had lunch at Greek Eats this week with my friend who lives in Pt. Pleasant. When I suggested it, she was excited, as she’s been told one is opening in…Brick, iirc. In any case, we met up in Shrewsbury and her impression as a first-timer was that the food was very tasty, but she didn’t care for the attitude from the employees. I get that this isn’t a sit-down restaurant, but after this visit, I completely agree with her.

We agreed (and kept saying) that it’s impossible to hear the employees, and it seems that goes both ways. That, coupled with the fact that they didn’t care to listen (when I speak up, I can certainly be heard) resulted in our being rushed down the line by one employee (there was nobody behind us, and it was the later end of lunch, fwiw) and in to a few others who were brand new (they were introducing themselves to one another and had NO clue of what to do). My friend kept saying you get nicer people in a Dunkin’ Donuts or a true fast food place and that everyone working at Greek Eats seemed unhappy. I can’t disagree.

MY gripe was more about being rushed. My friend asked if she could try ONE PIECE of the gyro meat on her chicken platter. The girl serving her said “we don’t have gyro meat.” I looked up at the sign and said “bifteki” and we were then asked if she wanted double meat. Um, NO, she wanted to taste ONE. PIECE. In the end, she got it, but wow (and this wasn’t one of the new employees). El asked about another item (I don’t remember what) and she got a curt “it’s (whatever), $1 extra.” While I appreciate knowing something is going to be an additional charge, the attitude was REALLY off-putting.

I wasn’t given the opportunity to add the last 1/3 of the fixin’s. By the time we got to that last section, they pushed my tray past everything that was left, and I just didn’t care enough to fight with them, as I had already been trying to get less carbs and more protein and ‘veg’ options as I was moved along, and they couldn’t seem to comprehend that, no matter how many times I said it.

In the end, it was my first disappointing meal there, and I have to say that the portion sizes weren’t a big deal; I finished my platter, and I’m generally the first one taking home leftovers. I hope it was a bad day and not the new normal there, although my other thought was that I’m not a cute guy, so maybe that’s the answer (@corvette_johnny and @Metsfan53 seem to have better luck) … anyone else been recently?

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I’m there at least once a month and I have never had an experience as you described.


I haven’t been in a while but my experience has been 100% positive…to the point where I almost feel bad when they hand me this giant plate after I negotiate myself down the line. If only I could sweet talk the ladies like I do the counter people at fast food restaurants :smile:


Well, I’m happy to hear that… I kept saying this is not experience I’ve had a prior visits. Hopefully it was just a bad day there behind the counter with new employees!