Grand Tavern OMG. Neptune City


All in fun!

(Mr met) #44

I married minto a Sicilian family so it’s meatballs for every occasion. Would have killed for a sabrett with kraut. Although several people I trust recently recommended Thumans to me so there might be a switch up there.

(Roland) #45

We stopped on last night around 7, fully expected not a seat to be had but my wife scored two seats at the bar while I parked the car.
Had the house made ricotta which my wife ended up eating about 90% of and that was her meal. It was fantastic.
I got the pork belly appetizer special which I loved.

For my entree I got the chicken crepinette, with the cauliflower puree with peas and asparagus and a tarragon cream. Ground chicken wrapped in cabbage and then wrapped caul fat. Fantastic, my wife tasted it and said she would order that next time.

For dessert they now have a milk chocolate pot de creme with blueberry jam and whipped cream, now my favorite dessert is the pot de creme at Pascale so this was ordered for comparison purposes. While good, it just wasn’t on the same level as the pot de creme at Pascale, but also different preparation.



We made reservations to have Mother’s Day brunch her today and I was so excited since we haven’t been in forever. We made the reservation and twice said, 2 plus a baby. We arrived today and they told us they don’t have a high chair and seemed confused that we wouldn’t bring our own (?) We eat out a lot and have NEVER encountered this problem. We left and went to Reyla’s which was awesome and I’ll post about it there.