Grand Tavern OMG. Neptune City


Well, since Frank shut down the Orange Squirrel we needed to find a chef driven artistic quality “off the beaten path” go to, and this place delivers. We split the steak, and we’re blown away. Can’t wait to go back.


I was just telling my husband that I want to check this place out. I have heard it is incredible. Glad you enjoyed!


Wait. ORANGE SQUIRREL CLOSED?!? Obviously the first time I’ve heard that… When? Why? I always thought he had a fantastic restaurant in the wrong location.

ETA: And here’s all of the info, for others who may be interested cal here’s all of the info, for others who may be be interested:

I have to believe he’s going to stay in the Montclair/Bloomfield area… TBD


Nice! Can you tell me about this steak please?


Wondered the same…was it the Tomahawk?



Spooge! Holy crap that looks amazing! I prefer to slice my steak but that fat content looks outrageous

What did that run?

(Roland) #8

The steak for two is $125, we have yet to have it and sometimes they run out.
The food there is always great, at least in my opinion.

They are very knowledgeable about wine and the drinks are always excellent.

They had a special a few days ago, a corned beef short ribs, my wife loved it.


Well, HALLELUJAH. After 18 months down here, I can now say I’ve found TWO restaurants putting out high-caliber food that will get me back on a regular basis (the other is Aarzu)! I finally got to Grand Tavern last night thanks to friends who are fans, and I’m just thrilled…can you tell? :blush:

It happened to be the first night of their current menu, and because I want to do these dishes justice, I’m copying/pasting the descriptions from their website.

The three of us shared two apps:

Fried Octopus ($16)
fingerlings, aioli, smoked paprika, preserved lemon

House Corned Beef ($14)
pickles, pickled cabbage, dill, mustard, pumpernickel

I was back and forth about the veal vs. the lamb, and I chose right. Three words: TRY THE VEAL. :joy:

Veal Breast Marsala ($28)
balsamic cipollini onions, king trumpet mushrooms, celery root purée

My friends ordered:

Braised Lamb Shank ($34)
horseradish gremolata, white bean purée, radish

Boneless Pork Chop ($30)
spinach purée, potato bacon hash, shallot jam, jus

We all shared tastes, and if I had to rank them, I’d say the veal was the best, followed VERY closely by the pork chop (holy cr*p that spinach purée was INSANE), and then the lamb. I happen to love lamb, but thought it actually needed some more seasoning and even some salt–which is unusual for me. But the gremolata with it was stunning and the lamb was beyond tender, so it’s not like it was bad…!

The cocktails have been calling me via the restaurant’s Instagram account, and didn’t disappoint. I went with the Old L.A., which is bourbon, grapefruit (!), and honey syrup. I maaaaay have had a second one. :slight_smile:

Are the prices a bit higher here than at most places in the area? In some cases, yes…but I felt like everything I ate was worth the cost. The ingredients and the execution were just wonderful across the board.

Enough talk. GO. They don’t take reservations, but they will hold a table if you call as you’re headed over. Bar was full when we arrived around 7:30 last night and you can eat there as well–which is likely what I’ll do when it’s just me and I want that octopus again!


I am so excited! We are headed tomorrow night. I’ll post about it later this weekend. Thanks for the write up.

(Roland) #11

We went two nights ago, the night before the new food and drink menus started.
I must admit that I had a grasshopper after dinner and it was fantastic.
I do love e this place and hope it continues to put out good food and drinks


@gracieggg Seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY–if you eat veal, I can’t recommend that dish highly enough. :blush: ENJOY!


Well, this place did not disappoint! It was PACKED when we arrived at 8PM and waited about 15-20 min. You can call up to a week in advance for the time you want, which FEELS a lot like a reservation… but they say they don’t take reservations so whatever. I was also amused that this is the former sudsy mug bar.

Anyways, I’m pregnant so I am not drinking but the rest of the group enjoyed their cocktails. We split the special pasta small plate, pappardelle with lamb bologenese and mussels. Holy moly. That pappardelle. We practically licked the plate.

Mains, I got scallops. Tender, perfectly cooked. My only gripe was the peas. Using fresh peas would bring this to the next level but it is winter. Spring peas in this would be awesome! The rest of the table ordered the lamb shank (amazing) and the other two ordered pork which was proclaimed the best pork they ever had (!!!). @CurlzNJ I know you recommended the veal, but I feel so conflicted about veal and couldn’t bring myself to order it.

We also ordered the pancake. Ok, this pancake is not a breakfast style short stack. It is a griddle cake the size of a plate soaked in syrup and caramelized. It was out of control and huge. Good to split for 4 people.

I found the prices to be totally fair for the care and quality. It is so refreshing to have some really solid new restaurants in the area where everyone walks out happy.


Is it me or is 125 a bit steep? That is a “big city” price from restaurants that serve world renown steaks. It could be an amazing steak, but it seems kind of pricey for a Neptune spot…not exactly NYC, chi town, Vegas or San fran lol

(Roland) #15

I haven’t had it but I saw one come out last week when we were there and it looked fantastic. People will obviously pay that price as they sell out


$125 for two may sound steep, but we had the Grand Cafe Steak on Saturday, leftovers on Sunday, and made beef broth with the dinosaur bone that will be used many times. The following Thursday we went to Wolfgang’s in NYC. The Grand Cafe steak was better by a factor on ump-diddly-luscious. Not even close. I’ve been to them all, and this is as good as or better then them all. Mind blown. Still thinking about it.


Nice! I don’t mind paying. It just has to be worth it. How was the aging? Was it pretty funky or milder? That’s kind of a subjective question I suppose, but I’m curious. I like it pretty dank.


30 day dry aged minerally nutty tender beefy funk.


Was here Sunday 6pm for dinner. If was maybe 4 th or 5th time here since it opened. Always enjoy meal here. Horrible beach day so place was empty. If anyone planning to try this place… Don’t wait till summer



Damn…pics. how was that shank?