Grand Tavern OMG. Neptune City


Shank was good … Pork chop surprisingly was best plate


You may have heard me rave about the pork chop at angelicas, but if not, try this dish!

I want to try the tomahawk chop at catch too. That’s been on my list for a while.

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@Oldandtired one of my friends had the pork chop the night we went…if my veal hadn’t been so spectacular that pork chop would have been #1. :slight_smile:


Will try veal next time : )
They do a great burger as well


Good to know! I keep saying I should just pop in, sit at the bar, and order the burger!


I completely understand the raves that the Grand Tavern is getting on this board. I ate there last summer and had a fine meal (though I wasn’t as floored by the tomahawk steak as others have been). My beef with this restaurant (no pun intended) is the fact that they only offer one dessert on the menu which I understand can sell out early in the night. I did in fact have their pancake dessert and enjoyed it very much, however, I don’t understand why they restrict their offerings to just one item. How hard is it to make a few more desserts, say a flourless chocolate cake or a some ice cream and have it ready to go when people order them? I just don’t get it. While I appreciate limiting the menu to a few choice items that you do very well, offering only one dessert will ultimately lead to some diners being disappointed with that one choice or should the restaurant run out of their sole offering. I find desserts to be important in my meals out as they leave the final impression for the evening and I am a bit frustrated when it could be remedied without too much work.


It’s funny…I really don’t care about dessert (I’m the person who will actually have just ONE bite of yours and be satisfied–or even better, I’ll drink dessert :blush:) but I totally agree with you. Plus, wouldn’t they sell more? Nobody is order 2 of those pancakes!


Thanks @CurlzNJ. That shouldn’t be a problem as I am always happy to share. As I am sure it is for many, I see going out for dinner as being a treat and if I don’t have something good for dessert (usually chocolate), I feel short changed.

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I’ve been known to eat at the Grand and then stop at Pascale and Sabine for a pot de creme


Roland - that sounds like a fine night out. That pot de creme is my wife’s favorite dessert.


I thought the exact same thing about the dessert situation. The pancake was amazing, but huge and was split by 4 people. If just my husband and I go, we will likely skip it.


Mine as well. Great choice.


I enjoy reading yours posts. Do you have any favorite ribeyes locally? I heard some good things about this one but I’m just curious…big ribeye fan here.


@corvette_johnny I enjoy reading yours as well. I am sorry to say that I have none to recommend locally and usually stick to NYC steakhouses to enjoy a good ribeye. In fact the only one I could remark about was the one I had at American Cut in Atlantic City before they closed down. I had hoped to try it again at their restaurant in Englewood Cliffs, but it closed before I had a chance to go. I wish I had better information for you.


@NotJrvedivici if you need an excuse to duck out of the BBQ today…


That’s mean :wink:


No…it’s a Father’s Day present for all of the Dad HOs! :grin:


Tell it to the hand …" Not Jr’s"

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lol thank you! I actually enjoyed my hot dogs, hamburger and ribs at the BBQ for a change of pace!