Good nonstick 12" frying pan, simple rice cooker

Ours is all worn out. Looking for one that has no poisonous coatings and is heavy duty.

Rice cooker same thing ours is just looking crappy after over a decade.

The options on Amazon are dizzying. Don’t need super expensive or top of the line on either.

Thanks for any suggestions! Any links to purchase or for specific product super appreciated too. Thanks all!!

I have a couple of these Tramontina Ceramics, which I quite like. While they’re not super non-stick, with a little fat they’re great.

But I can’t help with the rice cooker as I just use a covered saucepan.


I have a Le Creuset Toughened Non Stick which has held up very well for me. The 12" runs about $145, but I’ve seen it on sale in the outlets.
America’s Test Kitchen recommends the OXO Good Grips nonstick in their latest round of testing. That one is $49.99 from Oxo

I don’t use a rice cooker, just a saucepan with a tight fitting lid.

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A carbon steel fry pan wiped with the tiniest bit of oil releases beautifully. I just made fried eggs in one. You can either work at seasoning it by simply using it and cleaning it without vigorous abrasive scrubbing or continue using the smallest bit of oil, butter, or both. The brand that gets the most airplay is DeBuyer but Mauviel is good as well. I like my “no name” carbon steel pans just fine. They are inexpensive. They can also take extremely high heat, such as searing a steak. Strongly recommended. Their typical Lyonnaise shape has wide, sloping rims. So shop based on the size of the floor, not the total diameter. Even thought they can be heavy, the long, slanted handle provides far better leverage than the short horizontal stubby handles on cast iron.


This price is perfect on the oxo thank you

We aren’t good enough to maintain the la creuset stuff.

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Thanks ! I have a large carbon steel one and we use that for certain stuff. Just need a real non stick for my partners use.

Encouraging and supporting a partner that cooks = priceless !


Thank you !

Tatung rice cooker. Can’t recommend it enough.

It looks awesome. I was hoping to get a decent one for less than a hundred dollars. Maybe that’s not possible. Ours is 15 years old at least. We use it a few times a week so maybe worth a splurge.

Does “poisonous coatings” include Teflon please? Also does it need to be DW safe?

Yes I don’t want Teflon. We don’t have the perfect skill to make those last. Dishwasher safe a plus. Thank you.

Is the Oxo pan you liked upthread Teflon free? If so I may get one myself.

Says pfoa free

Teflon is PTFE.


The Tramontina is actually cheaper on Amazon… and is teflon free.

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I like the Oxo good grips pro nonstick pan. They also have a ceramic nonstick if you prefer, but I haven’t used that one.

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@chienrouge my oldie but goodie though not a simple cooker. I’ve had mine for 20 years now, still runs great and looks au courant! It’s like a trusty Toyota/Honda, just keeps going and going… I think I paid $169 back then for a 10 cuppper. You can definitely find them selling for much less than the MSRP.

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I know the OP has decided on a true nonstick, but for others interested in the topic, another option is bare aluminum. Aluminum seasons well. The ones offered by the Pot Shop of Boston are intriguing but not cheap. It appears the largest is 10". Made for omelettes.


Just to clear. You mean you do not want PTFE, right? As you know, people have different definition of what is poisonous.

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To @ScottinPollock’s point, PTFE and PFOA are different. Teflon is PTFE. PFOA is a chemical for making PTFE, but your final product of a Teflon pan will not have PFOA. Can you share your thought? What exactly you want to avoid? If you don’t mind Teflon cookware and only want to avoid PFOA, then we can recommend those. If you don’t want Teflon, then we will omit those.

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