Gold Medal Flour Recall

I want to make sure that all my baking pals know that there’s been a recall of Gold Medal flour.


Thanks. Never bought it… never will.

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Gold Medal isn’t the only brand of flour that has been recalled.


Thank you! I have a bag and will be discarding asap

What other(s) have been recalled? I did a last 3 months search but only find the GM.

I didn’t mean that there was a current recall of other brands.

I was trying to make the point that avoiding Gold Medal brand flour doesn’t mean that you will never have your flour recalled.


Oh, gotcha, thanks. I don’t think anyone thinks GM is bad just because of this (or I hope not). KA and Pillsbury both had a similar recall I think 4 or 5 years ago, which may be the one you were thinking of.

Pretty sure it can happen to any seller. There’s no economical way to test every single lot so they have to rely on spot-testing.

I was responding to @ScottinPollock.

His reply to this post was, “Thanks. Never bought it … never will.”.

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