Go to lemon curd recipe - ratios, yolks or whole eggs

I am planning to make lemon curd this week but recipes seem similar but also different in terms of ratios of ingredients and yolks vs whole eggs. For example, Ina Garten uses a whopping 1.5 cups sugar vs recipes with1/2 cup sugar for similar numbers of eggs and lemon juice. Do you have a go to recipe?

Pierre Hermé’s. Decadent.

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Excellent from Jacques Genin, the master of lemon tart in France.

Here is the recipe with lime. I received praises everytime I made this tart.
I have tried the recipe by replacing with lemons, equally good. But personally, lime has a stronger character and we have preferred.

I second, third and fourth sck on the Pierre Herme recipe. It is DIVINE. I have also used the same technique to make rhubarb curd/cream - also fabulous, although the rhubarb can’t take quite as much butter as lemon or lime can.

And for those days when you have a sack of lemons that must be used and it’s HOT. . . I use the microwave lemon curd recipe from Allrecipes. It’s pretty good.

This is from a series in the The Guardian which is a UK Newspaper with a good food section. The author tests lots of different recipes for the same dish and compares and contrasts the results to come up with her “perfect” version. Its got some good info on the effect of yolks vs whole eggs.


will try to make it in the next month and use the lemon curd for the other recipe raspberry tart.

There’s a Vitamix recipe: https://www.vitamix.com/us/en_us/recipes/lemon-curd

There is a review there saying it doesn’t thicken properly, but you can probably use a thermometer to check the temperature between steps to be sure it’s right.

My basic Recipe
6 Yolks
.5 C Sugar
.5 C Lemon Juice
Zest from Lemons
6 T Butter

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