Glazed nut recipes?

Initially I was looking for some slightly sweet and healthier glazed nut combination/s that go with beer, but not always. Most the stuff in the store isn’t very healthy and can be pricey. These Sahele Snacks have creative combinations and interesting flavours, but are pricey often add an oil ingredient I am not particularly fond of.

Any ideas on trying to do some Glazed nut recipes on my own?

Here are two Chowhound threads with lots of recipes (I posted the one I use in the first thread). The best price I find on raw walnuts, almonds, and pecans is at Costco.

The union square cafe nuts are my favorite, but they do not have the same sweet glaze to them as sahale snacks

A quick googling found a few “copycat” recipes for sahale snacks

Thanks, I guess there might not be as much to it as I thought. I will give it a go and stop paying 6 bucks for a small bag of flavored peanuts

these are like crack

i use a fair amount of cayenne and these get hoovered at every party. i usually use a mix of nuts, not just peanuts.

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Oh! Those are just like nyc street nuts with added spices!

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