Oooo! That sounds good!

Drowning in monster heirlooms over here, so I decided to make some gazpacho today. I couldn’t decide between the many recipes posted recently, like the NYT recipe, a Cooking LIght recipe mentioned upthread (justification for buying fancy sherry!), and a Williams-Sonoma recipe that appealed to me because it was ostensibly for heirlooms and because it had fresh thyme, which I also have an abundance of in my garden…

So I made a mashup of all three. Into the food processor went:

3-ish pounds of heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Pink Brandywine, Polish Giant)
2 small Persian cucumbers
1/2 clove garlic (raw garlic no longer agrees with me)
Handful fresh Italian parsley
A lot of fresh thyme
1 Cubanelle pepper
Oloroso sherry
Juice of a whole lemon (I had no sherry vinegar and it needed brightening)
Lots of good Spanish olive oil
2 pieces of sourdough bread
Salt and pepper

This was processed, then pressed through a fine sieve.




Tomorrow I will garnish with some heirloom cherry tomatoes, chopped Persian cuke, herbs and more olive oil. Looking forward to trying it!

A fine sieve! I will dream about gazpacho tonight.


So excited to hear! I initially forgot the sherry vinegar in my last batch and it was DEFINITELY missing acid. I also add sugar and salt liberally until everything seems to be in balance.

The garden is going bananas with tomatoes. (Please ignore the clutter.) We eat at least 2-3/day and still can’t get through them all. I think another batch of gazpacho is calling!


tomato-palooza, for sure!!

I’m jealous. I want to make 1 more batch of the Andalusian gazpacho from the Margaritaville cookbook and finally try the tomato carpaccio with horseradish ice from The New Midwestern Table before summer is over. I miss my vegetable garden.


Also jealous of everyone with a tomato glut right now. It was a very cold rainy spring for us, and most people’s gardens are a month late. I didn’t get my tiny tomato plants in the ground until mid-end June because that’s when the night temps were finally above 50. So now, I have 16 fair size tomato plants, but I’ve only seen 3-4 tiny green tomatoes all told. Of course, just because our summer started late doesn’t mean it will end late. I usually drag my feet about cutting the plants down and do it at the start of October when it’s been clear to everyone but me that nothing is happening with those plants anymore except decay. I am crossing my fingers that I’ll get some fruit by mid Sept.

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I’ll cross mine for you too!

Thank you!! Send your green thumb thoughts my way. You have a beautiful garden.

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Try removing the sprout from the garlic cloves. That way you’ll probably do better with it.

Two questions for participants;
1)How long do/can you keep your gazpacho in the refrigerator?
2)What are your thoughts about adding the olive oil after sieving? It might depend on your sieve, but sometimes there’s a not insignificant amount left behind, and I assume olive oil as well.

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