Garbage Frozen Food…

Post your worst experiences here (hopefully one at a time)…

Recently one of my worst experiences were these Gorton’s Sandwich Fillets… tasteless, and the texture of mush (regardless of how I cooked them).

More to come as I had another miserable frozen meal tonight. (c;

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And here is what I did today 'cause I was at the store and just didn’t feel like cooking. Only microwave instructions… and had I seen that I would have went with something else.

Garbage… couldn’t get thru half of it. And while the rest of it is covered in the fridge, I am not sure WTF I will do with it.

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Show me any processed frozen food that is not garbage


The first things that come to mind are Pagoda egg rolls, some Marie Calendars meals, along with some Amy’s stuff.

Marie Calendar’s or Amy’s ? I recently tasted some pizza and some curry from Amy’s and that’s not something I want to repeat. And many years ago as postdocs we didn’t have time to cook and had Marie Calendar frozen dinner from time to time and they were all awful

I don’t expect frozen dishes to be delicious, only edible, and I usually find Marie Calendar’s or Amy’s to meet that expectation (along with Stouffer’s).

However the foods in my first two posts were inedible (first one is in the trash, and the second one is most likely destined for it).

For me . I tried to make bread on Christmas eve . Just for myself. I learned im horrible at it . Will i try to make it again. Absolutely. I think i pulled it out of the oven at 3 in the morning. All the rise and punch down , kneading time. I could have used it as paving tiles .

From disastrous experiences I will never, ever purchase or consume anything with the Banquet name. I think it is poison.

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I don’t know but that’s a pretty (too) low baseline. Any meal shouldn’t just be edible

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Unless you’re on front lines of a battlefield.

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After their second Marie Calanders meal even those at the frontlines might decide to go into their next fight with an empty stomach

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I’m either lucky or picky with my frozen food purchases because there are very few I would classify as garbage.

However at the bottom of my list are almost all Trader Joe’s Chinese frozen entrees, which are uniformly sickly sweet. (They have a devoted following, nonetheless, which just goes to show there are lots of different palates and opinions out there and on here too.)


I hate the mushy texture of frozen breaded/battered fish fillets. I’ve tried a lot of varieties. I’ve switched to fish sticks. Gorton’s, either the regular or cod fish sticks aren’t bad.

I’ve given up on frozen Mexican dinners. There are some Mexican-ish rice bowls that aren’t too bad, but dinners like those enchiladas have just gotten worse and worse over the years.

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The not good frozen foods for me are most products from M&M Meats, a shop that sells almost entirely frozen foods in Canada.

I like lots of frozen foods.

The stuff at the Polish, Greek, Asian and Middle Eastern markets can be great!

Lately, the St Hubert’s (in Canada) already cooked pork ribs are a staple. Dumplings, perogies, spring rolls, ginger beef, Burek. I like Amy’s Mexican dinners and Thai bowls.

I think we already have a thread for the good frozen stuff! The one you started :joy: Your Fav Prepared Frozen Foods…


The frozen avocado chunks I got at Aldi once (for reasons that elude me RN) were revolting.

I don’t buy a lot of prepared frozen foods save for very few reliable staples (like L&W fries, or TJ’s soup dumplings or stuff like that).

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Agree. Do you think it’s because those dishes typically are prepared in smaller batches and don’t meet the description of processed foods—that is, without preservatives and with the quality of ingredients we’d use at home?


No idea! The client base might also expect better food for their money!

The frozen burek,
Tiropita and spanakopita from Greece and Cyprus is better than a lot of home cook’s versions!

Also, some Italian stores in Toronto have excellent frozen veal parm, lasagna, pastas, rice balls, etc. probably because that’s what the client base wants.


How could I forget frozen ravs? A place in Philly makes the best ricotta/ricotta spinach ravioli. We always grab a couple packs when we visit.


Frozen ice cream has rarely, if ever, failed me.