Fury in Spain at US plans to produce ‘Iberian’ ham in Texas and Georgia

Where did you think chestnuts came from?




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Greek exported Feta = cow milk

Greek Feta on the Aegean Islands is goat or sheep milk

Bulgarian Feta ( also quite exemplary ) is sheep or goat milk

I would assume it is exported abroad to Usa but I do not know …

A young Bulgarian Couple opened a tiny cheese and charcuterie retail gourmet shop and they sell only Bulgarian products. The sheep and goat milk feta are astonishing !

I too, cannot eat fresh cow milk cheeses.

ONLY aged like Reggiano Parmigiano 36 months or 50 months.

I cannot eat any fresh cow cheeses for e.g. Brie type or Camembert …

Barcelona is not far from Empordà – Cataluna known for its Goat Milk Ricotta. (Girona).

I tend to be veered for the Mozzarella di Bufala – must be buffalo (ox ) … As it is not cow cheese.

So, I understand your problem well !!


The Guardian is usually a serious UK newspaper. Normally I think they did enough verification before publishing an article. Although questions have been raised about the “fury in Spain” in a discussion in the following link.


I found these 2 articles in spanish sites using google.es

But it looks like a translation of the English article.

Another question, does Constantino Martínez represent Spain? (Maybe you know his reputation?)

You can write back to the Guardian to challenge the journalist, since you are working in with the food professionals in Spain.

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I read all the labels anyway, but I have yet to find an imported Greek feta in the US that was not sheep’s milk. .

Bizarrely, buffalo mozzarella doesnt bother me, so I can eat that if I’m feeling worthy of the price!

I’m just glad that the issue didnt show up until after I returned from France. .I got to sample all the lovely cheeses!

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