Frozen Egg Rolls worth a Darn!?

I guess I could make my own, but since I don’t deep fry I’ve been looking for good frozen ones, and have come up empty for years.

Anybody here find ones that are actually good?

Growing up in Culver City, CA we often went to a Tiki restaurant called Kelbo’s. We always ordered the egg roll plate. Based on the wrappers, and consistency I’d say they were frozen… but they were very full of juicy pork and veggies and we liked them a lot.

Everything I have tried (no matter what the picture on the box looks like) have been tiny, thin, and more wrapper than filling.


I was going to suggest these egg rolls from Sysco, but then I suppose that’s really not fair.

Scott, I’ll commiserate with you, and watch this thread with hope and interest. I love a good eggroll but haven’t met one outside of a restaurant.

The ones I’ve tried, even if good in the filling:wrapper ratio, were still just not very good when prepared as instructed (whether that would be microwave, baking, air-frying).

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consider just buying extra when you get takeout Chinese from a spot you like and then freezing them once they are cooled down and reheating in oven? we have a spot we do this with.


Do you have any Hmong people in your area. Buy me, I can find their scrumptious egg rolls in the frozen section of Woodman’s grocery store. Nowhere near as great as fresh; but better than most Chinese buffets’ fresh offerings.

Not even an option as their site chokes on my zip code. I tried Webstaurant as well but the shipping was two to three times the cost of a case of them.

Yeah, i know, that’s why I said it was unfair.

Unless you are a restaurant customer, Sysco does not make sense.

Thread drift alert! We have good luck with several brands of supermarket frozen potstickers. Easy to reheat in frying pan with splash of water and oil. Pork, chicken, veg. All worthwhile.

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We have a Pho place up here (replaced the local Chinese place that went belly up), but never tried their egg roll. Things I have tried have been expensive and seriously marginal. Next time I’m in town I’ll grab an order.

How do you reheat these from frozen?

on a cookie pan with aluminum foil in oven 325 degrees about 20 minutes or so (we get the thicker supposedly new york style ones).

If I had a toaster oven i would use that too.

don’t forget the sweet and sour sauce/duck sauce/hot mustard packs!

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Thanks! I can make potstickers, but not what I want… I would much prefer steamed Bao (which I can also make).

Question for all… can I shallow fry homemade egg rolls and have them come out great?

Still, would really like a good frozen egg roll so I don’t have to mess with it.


I am afraid WI is a bit too long of a drive for me (2000+ miles).

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So far, the only high rated brand in my local Safeway is Pagoda. The other is Minh, which is a Schwan’s brand.

Have you tried either of these?

Not me. I’m on the opposite coast and notice that often when you talk about specific brands, they’re not distributed to this area. Those great frozen fries you mentioned - none retail within hundreds of miles. Grr.

Has anyone tried the Trader Joe’s or Aldi versions?

I make my own but I would try either one of those if I was looking. I also know our local Asian markets carry dozens of varieties and styles of frozen egg rolls, (and dumplings). If you have an HMart or 99 Ranch or similar, just ask someone.

Just finished up a quick lunch of some frozen vegan cocktail size rolls I picked up at Costco this morning in OC, SoCal. Royal Asia brand; 50 pieces for $10.99. Made with edamame, jicama, cabbage, yam and come with a few small sauce packages. 8 minutes in the air fryer. Pretty tasty I thought.

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We like Trader Joe’s spring rolls & their dumplings too. The frozen rolls we just reheat in the toaster oven. The dumplings need just he barest hint of oil in the pan & they’re as good as any in a restaurant-- the rolls too are as good.

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My favorite frozen egg rolls are Pagoda Pork Egg Rolls and Good & Gather Chicken Thai Basil Spring Rolls. Good & Gather is a Target store brand. I tend to prefer pork, but the Thai G&G chicken ones are an exception. Minh and Chung’s pork egg rolls are a couple of others I’ve liked.

I also prefer pork for frozen potstickers. I tend to go for those instead of egg rolls because they’re small enough I can have several varieties at a time. My favorites for those are:
CJ Bibigo Mandu Pork & Vegetable Dumplings (these are spicy)
CJ Bibigo Japchae Potstickers Beef & Pork Dumplings (these are oddly shaped-rectangular and flat)
CJ Bibigo Pork & Vegetable Mini Wontons
Wei Chuan Vegetable & Pork Dumplings Gyoza
Sprouts Pork Gyoza Potstickers
Annie Chun’s Organic Pork & Vegetable Potstickers (another CJ Foods brand)
Pagoda Pork Potstickers
Wei Chuan Vegetable & Pork Dumplings
Beksul Duru Duru Vegetable & Pork Dumplings (another CJ Foods brand)

I’m not near any big Asian markets such as HMart, and even the nearest Trader Joe’s is about 250 miles away, so my options are somewhat limited.


Yes, but an air fryer would be best.

We didn’t know what egg rolls were until our Hmong residents showed up. I was told by a young Hmong woman who I attended a class what the the secret ingredient to their amazing egg rolls. Mung bean noodles.