Frozen Egg Rolls worth a Darn!?

That’s why I asked if you had a Hmong community buy you. WI doesn’t have the only one.

Egg rolls or spring rolls? Meaning thick wrapper or thin?

Thin wrapper – I like Trader Joe’s current version (either vegetable or chicken, and they’ve got a kalua pork option at the moment that I haven’t tried). I reheat in a countertop oven (lower temp for longer gets more uniform crispness).

Haven’t tried the ones Costco stocked (because the package is gigantic) but they may be worth a try as well.

Just picked up a box of the Pagoda’s… and at first look they are the right size (not the three inch PF Chang’s ones I was so disappointed with) and look pretty good.

I was initially disappointed to see there was no sauce inclusion, but made my own which will be much better… sugar, vinegar, ketchup, Stubbs Original, soy sauce, Frank’s, garlic, onion, fresh lemon juice.

Cooked them on the toaster rack (so I would not need to turn them) in my Flash Xpress for 18 min at 425 degrees F. Hot, crunchy, and pretty darn good with the sauce. Will def do them again!


Ok… almost two months later and I am addicted to these. While they’re not cheap (almost a buck a piece at my Safeway), they are large, and come out really crispy, but still being moist (even juicy) inside. Like McCain fries, they are now a staple in my freezer.

Done lots of dipping sauces for them including a chimichurri, citrus/tropical purees, curries, and a satay like peanut sauce, I think my fav is similar to the one I mentioned above…

Stubb’s original, brown sugar, a dash of ketchup and Worcestershire, soy sauce, rice vinegar, some Frank’s, and a splash of fresh citrus (if I have it).

Highly recommended.


I have found Wei Chuan and Bibigo products to be good and they’re both moving into mainstream groceries here. Especially love the Wei Chuan w/pork and leek, which was one of Serious Eats recommended pdts for pot stickers. Recently tried a Nasoya Thai dumpling which I thought was good, based on a small sample - the pkg wound up in the back of the fridge and was overlooked for too looong. Will have to check out the Target pdt mentioned.

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I’ve looked for Wei Chuan Pork & Leek dumplings here but haven’t been able to find any. I’m sure I’d like them. I’ve had several other dumplings since the last time I posted on this thread.

Bibigo hasn’t failed me, yet. Their spicy Mandu may be my favorite of all I’ve tried, but the non-spicy version of Mandu is also very good. Mini Wontons are nice as well. All of the CJ Foods dumplings I’ve tried have been good. CJ Foods is the parent company of Bibigo, Beksul, and Annie Chun (and maybe others, but those are the one I know.)

Chung’s Pork Potstickers have been the pork dumplings I’ve liked least. Disappointing, since Chung’s Pork Egg Rolls are probably my second favorite pork egg rolls behind Pagoda. Pagoda’s pork potstickers didn’t measure up to their egg rolls either, but they were still considerably better than Chung’s potstickers.

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You might give Minh pork egg rolls a try. Sam’s Club carries them, and I think Costco may carry them, too. They may be cheaper than Pagoda. Both are Schwan’s brands, and the ingredients and nutritional info on the packaging are identical. Pagoda seems to me to have a better cabbage flavor, but I haven’t compared them side by side. Chung’s pork egg rolls are also good and may be cheaper than Pagoda, too.

Yes, used to have a Sam’s card. Minh’s is based here, in the suburb of Deer Park. I usually buy potstickers, mandu, mini wontons for more variety as someone noted above and also because I’m not good at frying things - usually only have egg rolls when dining out or take-out.

I picked up some Good & Gather Spicy Korean Pork Potstickers at Target today. I think those were the last pork potstickers available to me locally that I hadn’t tried. They’re good, too. They are slightly hot, not nearly as hot as the spicy Bibigo Mandu.

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