From Cooking Discussions board: Italian master's student looking for survey takers

I’ve been asked to help promote the following survey from the Cooking Discussions board. Please take the survey if you have a few minutes!


I tried to to this during a conf call. Always happy to help out, but the survey was too long for the subject matter. I had to abandon unfortunately.


Thanks! I completed the survey last week.

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same for me. I tried to complete it, but far too long. I hardly ever buy pasta, so the questions were mostly irrelevant for me. Also, the survey seemed to imply that the pandemic crisis is over. It isn’t. Data collected during any unique moment is hardly going to be relevant, especially if the date, location, etc. are not specified. there were a lot of shortages of various products at the beginning here in Boston that are not at all relevant now, even as we continue…indefinitely…