Fried rice! What are your favorite ingredients and techniques?


I imagine it lasts quite awhile. I try to keep my salt cod in vacuum sealed bags, both in the fridge, and in the freezer. …which is reminding me of the salted pig tails…https://wwthe-nasty-bits-wrestling-with-a-bucket-of-cured-pigs-tailsnext thread!


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Fried rice with salted fish and chicken was my dad’s favorite. He loved salted fish! We rarely bought the sliced or bottled kind though; he much preferred the whole asked fish (particularly yellow croaker).

I usually makes fried rice when I have a lot of leftovers in the fridge too, especially char siu. Just send to pair so well together. My sister has made cauliflower fried rice that she said was pretty good, and that’s going to be my next attempt.

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I make fried rice once in a while, rice is not popular in my house. This is Indonesian style, has fermented shrimp paste.

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I usually like the fermented shrimp paste in bottle. Although I was told to try the brick type because it requires no refrigeration. Does your come in a jar or it is a brick?



I would also like to know if there is a difference in taste between jar and brick. I grew up with the jar kind, but have found some kinda much saltier than others. Not sure how the brick kinds compare.

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I am also bought up from the jar type. I believe the brick type is less salty (after dissolving). I guess I just like the convince of the jar version because I don’t need to dissolve it again. The brick version does seem more manly though. :smiley:

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For nasi goreng I use Indonesian shrimp paste, either in the block form or already crushed into granules. I also have Thai and Vietnamese versions but they are a bit different. The latter I use in stir-fries, braised meat or as a condiment.


Love this one. Can’t find it anymore.

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I don’t do it anymore, but shrimp pasta used to be one of the things I put on many things just to make them taste better. Come to think of it, I used to use fish sauce the same way too. Ironically, I don’t use shrimp sauce and shrimp paste much more.

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I use fish sauce that way too… haven’t bought shrimp paste yet, mostly because I figure fish sauce or anchovy paste will do, and do I really need another ingredient (not that that stops me on other counts :joy:)

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Love fried rice. Fallback is a plain version, just some scallions and egg. But so many other delicious versions - “burnt” garlic rice tastes wonderful, either on its own or with some chili oil at the end.

In restaurants here in nyc, I like “young chow” or variants on the theme - no soy sauce, a variety of additions, but fresh-tasting like homemade.

Does anyone else add a splash of vinegar at the end? For some reason I think it balances the flavor if I’m eating the fried rice plain.


usually add a splash of cider vinegar to almost everything I cook ( meat , vegetable)


I use a tin of anchovy in EVOO, lots of garlic and of course chipotle and adobo sauce

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usually some type of smokey bacon, or chinese sausages sliced thin, and ginger, plus all the other usual accoutrements (scallions, peas, minced onion/garlic, soy and/or Maggi and/or fish sauce, hot chili oil.) Either an omelet gets sliced up, or an egg scrambled in, or a fried egg atop, but always egg. All of this, and I sometimes add kimchi too.


My husband loves the Chinese sausage, and I like it too! Not sure why; texture, sweet, and umami?

Things we both like to eat don’t happen often enough. We’ve been known to go to off the path places looking for them.

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This and I add diced fresh pineapple pieces.


Nice! I’ve limited rice for more than a year, and it’s getting harder and harder.

I read this in the link;

“Fried rice is best prepared one serving at a time. It’s easier to cook and it also allows you to customize the dish to your diners. You can increase the amounts below to yield more servings, but only cook one portion at a time. Don’t worry—this goes together so fast that you’re not going to really increase your overall cooking time by much, and the difference in taste and texture will make it well worth it.”.

Anyone do this?

Fried rice is one of the “left overs” husband will heat up on his own! Is it so much better one serving at a time? I’ll need to retire!


Maybe once you- or he-retires you can further examine this claim. Until then why fix what isn’t broken…?

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Oh. Then there’s this one. Dangerously delicious… only once in a (long) while…


I will now!