Fried rice! What are your favorite ingredients and techniques?


Although I love fried rice, unfortunately, I do not cook rice nowadays often, and if I do it is for eating with stir fry so, so I use kokuho red rice , package left over in individually wrapped stretch tight sheets to be refrigerated for future use by microwaving . That is is not ideal for fried rice.
Here is my take on a good fried rice .

  1. Left over medium to long grain rice, preferably jasmine rice.
  2. Large cooking surface, I use my plancha which is 24 inch with 4 cooking element if I need to cook a lot so I can stir without any problem. Wok for me is fine too but my wok is not that big for this purpose.
  3. caramelize onions using peanut oil, add chopped garlic, meat either ground pork, or whatever. If I use meat, I always add a bit of cider vinegar ( just follow mom’s technique), chinese sausage sliced diagonally, often, I slice Costco’s lean ham to add to the chinese sausage or bacon.
    4 Add vegetable ( frozen carrots, peas in a bag),
  4. in goes the left over separated rice , I like to add garlic powder as well to the rice, although I already have garlic that I tossed in earlier . Then, I create a well, add scrambled egg into the well, fold the rice, create another well, add oyster sauce, fold the rice in again. S/P, taste rice to correct seasoning,. add soy sauce if desired but, the light soy sauce, very little , perhaps teaspoon depending on amount of rice being cooked ,do not make the rice dark.
  5. just to give it a add diagonally sliced spring onions towards the end then and a a splash of sesame oil fro fragrance. To the side of the plancha, , I will scramble and egg and slice it lengthwise to garnish at the end .


That was great; thank you! I would LOVE to see a picture of your plancha!


I would love to see this as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ummmmm… NO.
I’d like to see a time comparison of “by much” :joy:


Where’s that from?


Received notice that I have been answering to shrinkrap more than 3 times so, was not sure others would be interested. So to comply with request,
My vulcan range was installed when we finally moved in 1979
it is a commercial E60F meaning electric, 60 inches wide
there are 4 individually controlled french type cast iron , each 9.5 round french cast iron for frying pan, stock pot
then there is a one piece cast iron especially ordered for my french fish poacher that is 12 D by 24D again with 2 controls .
griddle is 24" by 24" each 12 " within control-150 to 500 degrees F
The plancha is 24" by 24" with 2 controls also. This is where I cook my eggs, bacon etc as well as fried rice as I have lots of space to maneuver.


shrink-wrap, the plancha is easy to use.
Early on, Vulcan recommended using a griddle stone to clean it.
I found that cumbersome until I was at Hopkin’s cafeteria.observed how they clean theirs 3X/day
Very easy following their method. .If you look to the right of the plancha closely , there is a another removable 3-4" compartment,
Just turn the plancha to 500 degrees, and when it is hot, throw a bowl of ice on it, this will clean the plancha, the water then goes inside the channel , that can be removed and thrown out.
Once you turn off the heating element, and it dries within minutes, just spray spam on it and it is ready to use again.
The cafeteria staff clean their similar plancha three times a day.
I do mine every 2 weeks or so.


Ho Hung Kee in Causeway Bay. We’d touched on this in a thread almost exactly two years ago.

Staying in the same area hotel in a couple of weeks. Probably hit it again. Food was nothing fancy, but done very well to our taste.


That looks amazing! Thank you!


I don’t think I could justify or have room for it. I’ve thought about getting one of those inserts or griddle plates . I’m going to see if I can find a picture.


I did make a mistake, the griddle is the plancha ( Vulcan calls it griddle but some call it plancha)
I am sure there are plancha that one can buy by itself
It was just very easy fo rme as my husband really like his bacon ( he could afford it as he was a celiac, never over 175 lbs , 6’2" ) , 4-6 on weekends. Vulcan claims one can cook 8 dozen eggs on the plancha verged by our Huntingtown Volunteer department who had same but gas.
I am cooking duck tonight and will post fresh cooked rice - usually cook 4-6 cups ( if I do not forget) .


If really interested, here is a free standing one from Katom
Fantastic sale price $329 when it was $1329.00 originally

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Thank you! I was thinking of something like this, that I read about on Seriouseats.

Baking Steel

On Seriouseats


there you go
I have always had a lot of respect for Kenji
That is a good alternative.


THIS is what I want to see!


what do. you want to see?


I want. to see you spray spam.


you mean you want to see me clean my plancha then spray with spam afterwards?
that would entail video but could not upload it, file too big, I had promised nah to send picture of my kitchen triever, but video taken of it in action could not be uploaded. Too big a file.
I scoop up left over oil with multipurpose scooper /chopper, discard it in a glass jar since I have septic , turn temp to 500 degrees, w ithin 5 min, the temp of the plancha is reached ( light comes on to indicate desired temp reached), throw a basin of ice cubes on the plancha, use same scooper when ice cubes defrost, steam comes up to scoop the dirty water into the the side compartment channel . After another minute or so, the Plancha becomes dry. I prefer that it does not get rusty, so I spray span on it , ready for use again


Do you mean Spic & Span, the cleanser? Or spam, the potted meat product? Or something else entirely?

Websites - does spelling & grammar matter?

OH, I guess my spelling was wrong?
I meant cooking oil spray PAM ( I currently use Kirkland canola spray sorry for typo