Fresh India Cookbook Review

Hi Everyone,

So my husband isn’t good at figuring what I want gift wise.

I do drop subtle hints the problem is that he has that “selective male hearing” issue.
The Doctor says that he’s not a candidate for hearing aids.

So I’m turning to my HO family for help.

What does everyone think of this book?

Has anyone cooked from it and possibly have any recipe recommendations, tips and tricks?

I want to know if this book is shelf worthy.


The few things I tried didn’t do anything for me. One was a Brussels sprouts dish and I’d have to look through to see what else.
Indian food is not something I can cook much of now due to limited ingredients and the fact that it’s the kind of food that spice-adverse people like Dominicans aren’t all that receptive towards, so it’s just kind of sitting there unused. I think her first book is better based on having cooked from it more (I particularly love the chaat salad and pistachio chicken curry) and that it’s simpler so it’s better for my current situation. If you access to more ingredients, cook Indian food more frequently and also tend to eat more plant-based, then it might work better for you.
Oh and if you don’t have 660 Curries, I’d recommend it. It has such a wide range that I can still find plenty to make from it.


I recall that @Saregama has cooked a fair bit from Fresh India, based on COTM reports,

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Thank you for all your amazingly thoughtful feedback.
I actually have a Made in India Cookbook Review set up.
And have requested that your posts be moved there so everyone can benefit from your wisdom.
Welcome to Ho!