Watsonville farmers market (Watsonville)

It’s a given that an agricultural town like Watsonville would have great produce at its farmers market. But for a non-local, the main attraction of the Friday 2-7pm market is the dozens of food vendors, whose offerings reflect the community’s 67+% Mexican heritage. Lots of families, live music, and specialities seemed to come from Jalisco (Guadalajara), Michoacan, and Oaxaca.

Fresh garbanzos roasted in the pod, sold by the pound in plastic bags, are hot and ready to be topped by the customer with chile powder, lime juice from a spray bottle, and/or hot sauce.

Fresh masa items at the “Comida Mexicana Garcia” were stunning, and popular ones included gorditas, tacos, and grill-top cooked enchiladas. The gorditas, filled masa pockets and Pambazos, chile dipped sandwiches filled with potatoes and carrots and a meat I didn’t spot, were their biggest sellers. Coarsely crushed masa lent an awesome, crunchy texture to the gorditas. Is that a regional thing? It’s unlike gorditas I’ve had in CA or Mexico City. Birria tacos were excellent.

Fruit-based drinks/desserts like avocado and dragonfruit boba.

Cups of diced fruits (Melons, cucumber, etc) in a sweet and sour (lime juice) base. Optional condiments on a table for spiciness. I especially liked the juices that clung to the stick of chile spiced tamarind. The owner has been doing this for 7 years, and operates out of Paleteria Yum Baluu in Watsonville.

Oaxacan food. “Empanadas”, grilled stuffed tortillas similar to quesadilla, were very popular.

Not pictured—- Of course there’s elote (corn) on a stick, and a condiment table with mayo, chile powder, hot sauces and Parmesan.


Fun read. Nice photos.