Freehold Update


I heard it is shutdown completely. Maybe they are doing renovations?

(David) #66

That’s what I am thinking, at least I hope so.

(YcF) #67

Was just at Freehold today, walked by the Caribbean place and it is still open.

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Hey, anybody been here?

Koy Turkish Grill
280 U.S. 9, Morganville, NJ 07751
(732) 792-3659

It’s in the plaza with Home Depot and ShopRite on route 9.

If so, what’s the verdict?

(Roz Rappaport) #69

Koy is five minutes from our house. We had lunch there right after it opened in 2016. Judged against the high caliber food at Turkish Kitchen, our favorite Turkish restaurant a few blocks from our NYC apartment, I’d say Koy is just o.k.

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I realize it’s a little southeast of you, but have you tried cafe 28? I was a big fan of his spot in red bank but haven’t been to his new ocean location.


What was the name of the place in RB? Has Cafe 28 been open a long time? I’d never heard of it, but a quick Google shows a menu full of things I like, and it’s all of a few miles from here. A friend who works near there said he hasn’t tried it yet “because there’s never anyone in there.”

Also, what’s up with the SMOOTHIES? Bizarre, imo.


He moved from red bank to ocean. My guess is the rent in rb was sky high so he left. I could be wrong.

I’d try it. He is cool guy and he has some good looking new dishes. In rb it was a lunch spot. This new places looks like they do dinner and lunch. The chicken Cairo was one of my dishes there but now he has some new things that I want to try.


I’ve been back and forth via text with my friend; he says it used to be a (terrible) Chinese spot and took forever to get a new place in there, but it’s been open 8-9 months (he guesses). I may get over there for lunch one day this week.


Speaking of bizzare, what about the rb place with rolled ice cream, bubble tea and poke? That is a combo! I can see the rbc girls flocking to bubble tea and ice cream but I’m not sure they will be hammering down raw tuna lol


Muhammed is the owner and he cooks too. If he is still in charge, I believe you will get a good meal. In fact, this place could surprise you. He is really passionate about what he puts out and will talk food with you if he thinks you have a clue and isn’t super busy. He can talk food for a while! He reminds me of the soup guy from seinfeld. If you click with him, he will really become your friend.

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I thought Cafe 28 was ok, but not great when it was in Red Bank. As I remember he was over on White St next to the old cigar store.

Muhammed was kind of a one man band, and if you ordered the Egyptian stuff he would disappear into this little alcove he had for a kitchen for about 10 mins. and make your plate. I would agree with CJ about him being a nice guy.

The dips (babaganoush, hoummus) and salads were better than the kebab, which seemed like it came out of a package from the freezer.

He also had subs, soups and chips, and the few times I was in there he seemed to be doing a bigger business there than at the Egyptian stuff.

In RB/Lincroft we like Zaitooni, Bayroot and Stamna better if we are going in that direction, with the nod to Stamna.


I have yet to try stamna. I like greek eats for quick dining and nikkos bread and olives keep me coming back. I could just eat that and be happy.

OK I’m off to sea farer for some day time drinking and maybe some kind of food…if they have any now lol


One word: SUNSCREEN!!! :slight_smile:

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The new-ish Korean place in that same plaza as Koy is pretty good for wings and tacos.

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I would bet Mohammed would do a great job if you wanted something catered.

I also think the same for the ladies at Bayroot.

Greek fest next weekend in Holmdel.

Time for the 1st Annual @NotJrvedivici Mixed Grill Challenge ?

The 10k of eatathons…

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Thank you.

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Second word for today: foulies.

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We tried Koy shortly after it opened & takeout a couple times after. I found it unexceptional. Mostly gyro meat dressed up in different ways. The Korean place is Bulbap & everything we’ve had from there has been very good.

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Thank you.