Freehold Update

(Joon) #45

Wait, you think Smashburger is dryer than McDs?? How?? What burger are you getting at McDs btw? I am a big fan of the McDouble. Are you just getting them sans bun?

(Art) #46

Yes, hence “zero carb”. :yum:

I find McD’s burgers to be very juicy. I usually order the quarter pounder patties a la carte with white cheddar, but I also like the trip cheeseburger on occasion.

(Art) #47

The seasoning was no problem. The lack of moistness was. Keep in mind, I’m eating them naked, except for cheese.

(Art) #48

Will try Habit. In fact, my route runs through Eatontown tomorrow, and there’s one there. But if I have enough time I’m going to the buffet. :upside_down_face:

(Art) #49

Had a “worser” burger than Smashburger today. NY Fried Chicken in Long Branch where Port Chop BBQ is. Nasty and filled with gristle. I guess “Halal” means “barely fit for human consumption.” Couldn’t even finish it and it had an off taste. Also, I told the guy at least 5 times “no bun” and yet there it was. Threw the bun on the sidewalk.

But hey, that’s what I get for ordering a burger from a chicken place.

Cooking some London broil in my air fryer now to make up for it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Get to sitting duck in long branch or pour house in shrewsbury. The cheddar burgers are top notch and they will cook them rare if you want serious juice.

(Junior) #51

The Chinese Buffet in Eatontown? On my last visit there was a noticeable improvement in the quality of many of the items.

(Joon) #52

Wow, I think you’re the first person I’ve ever seen describe McDs as juicy. I personally far prefer their small patties over the QPs.

McDonalds has cheddar cheese as an option?

I’ve been meaning to check out that fried chicken joint, shame their burger sucks.


They have white cheddar on those newer artisan sandwiches. It’s the garlic white cheddar sandwich.


Broad Street Doughnuts coming to Freehold!

Also, Rook Coffee opened today in the space previously occupied by Yo Mon on Rt. 537.

(Art) #55

My wife brought home 2 donuts today from Purple Glaze in Asbury Park. She said she didn’t like them because they deep fry the donuts in lard and they taste like bacon.

What’s not to like about that? :slight_smile:

I’ve been off sugar for over 2 months, but the jelly donut did look really good.

(David) #56

So, have you been back to Pokok? If so, what’d you eat?

Went today for lunch and had green papaya salad, Laksa, and chicken with cashews. It’s great to have a source for laksa close by, but agreed on the prices being a tad high. Also, I’ve had better versions of all the dishes.

(YcF) #57

No, I have not. I think I am actually pretty turned off by the prices. I think dishes like Hainanese Chicken and Laksa should be $10 max… $16 for an order of Hainanese chicken is quite ridiculous in my opinion.

(Retired !) #58

Is the Döner place open yet?

(Jeff) #59

Not as of a week ago

(Retired !) #60

Crap. I’m jonesing for one. The food of my youth in Germany.


Passed by over the weekend, door was open and what appeared to be early construction. Can’t see it opening for at least another month.

(Retired !) #62

Thank you.


Any clue what is going in the closed down Caribbean joint?

(David) #64

Last I spoke with the owners they said they were trying to become a sit down restaurant instead of just a take out joint.