Freehold Update


Any updates on istanbul?

I was in downtown freehold this morning and is it me, or are a lot of Mexican places opening up? Maybe I just haven’t been there in a little while, but they seem to be all over.


@corvette_johnny - tried a bunch of stuff at Istanbul recently … it was ok, but I was hoping for more than ok. We mostly stuck to the kabobs. Chicken and lamb cubes were kind of chewy. Chicken wings (grilled on a kabob stick) were pretty tasty. My favorites were the ground chicken and lamb varieties … very tasty and none of the chewiness the cubes suffered from. They were out of pork chop kabobs which I would have ordered. The tzatziki was too thin and watery. The hummus was decent. Despite the lackluster first visit, will return for the ground chicken and lamb and explore more of the menu. Also, not inexpensive. Around $15 for two skewers served with rice and greens. Someone with an appetite (like me) may still be hungry. Family run place and I wish them well.


Had me a Habit Burger on a lettuce bun today. Quite good. Of course, I added cheese and had sweet potato fries, but still…


But you were good with carbs (except for the fries). lol


Thanks for the report. For a first time person, what do you think I should get?

Have you tried the Peruvian place? It seems freehold has some interesting new spots.



(David) #90

Actually, the Peruvian place, Don Pepe, has been around for quite a while. They are on the same side of Main st as Istanbul, but further away from the Hall of Records.

I think their specials may be the best value for good food for your money in town.


I still haven’t made it to Don Pepe, the Peruvian place. I know that Seal has generally spoken favorably of it. Gonna make a point to try it. As for Istanbul, get a kebab combo. My money is on the ground lamb and chicken.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #92

Note that there is also a Peruvian restaurant named Don Pepe in Jamesburg.

(David) #93

I think there are 3 from the same family, one in Jamesburg, one in Pine Brook, and one in Freehold. I think the similarly named place in Newark is not affiliated. My spanish is not bad but I could be mistaken.