Freehold Update

While Freehold is not a hotbed of food activity, there are several new openings that may be worth a mention. In the Boro on W. Main Street is a taqueria, TKO (next to the Japanese place). Tacos, burritos, tortas, etc. Around the block on Court Street (across from the Hall of Records) is a caribbean place, aptly named Caribbean Flavor Restaurant serving jerk chicken, oxtail, curry goat, etc. And in the Township at Mount’s Corner (former Top Tomato plaza) is Pekok, a thai place. I poked my head in and its a really attractive space, but no to-go menu yet available. I previously posted about the recently opened Bukhara on Rt. 9 North serving Uzbek cuisine. Nice to have some new local options.

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Wow…we posted this at the same time. Strange, considering freehold does not get too much action on here. See my post on the Caribbean joint.

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Though I’ve never been there, noticed that Tom+Chee, a soup and sandwich storefront restaurant featured on Shark Tank a few years ago, has closed.

Have you guys ever tried Lemon?

@corvette_johnny - I like Lemon and have had several solid meals there over the years. But, for whatever the reason, I almost never give it thought when deciding on a place to eat out even though its only minutes from my home.

We’ve been there several times, most recently a couple weeks ago. Consistently solid. Chef Ash is a very nice guy, always trying to please. I could have his octopus appetizer every day.

Tried Pokok in Freehold last night (Next to Panera Bread in what used to be Top Tomatoes).

Positives - food’s decent, nothing spectacular but definitely solid. It’s more Malaysian than a typical Thai place (think Penang in Edison) so it is a great addition to the area since there is no other Malay place I know of outside of Edison area. The restaurant itself is beautiful - it’s obvious the owner put a lot of thoughts and money into the place.

Negatives - the prices… if you look at Yelp someone has already mentioned it. $16 for Hainanese Chicken, $14 for a bowl of Laksa. It’s really a bit high… The portion is no bigger than what’s served in Penang which I think charges $10 or less for these items.

All in all, I do see myself returning since I do love Malay food.

In regards to Lemon, I tried it the first time a year ago and has went back a couple more times since then.

It’s really a nice, solid restaurant. Food’s always on point if not spectacular. Service is always great. They are really good with their lamb dishes - i like their the lamb loins and lamb tagine.

They always seem to be busy but never overcrowded. I usually make reservation thru OpenTable though just to make sure.

With no Valentine’s plan, the wife and I dropped in last week to a mostly full restaurant. Our experience was ok. Agree on the aesthetics – much nicer space than you would expect sandwiched between Panera and a mattress store. I’m no expert on Thai or Malaysian food, but wasn’t blown away by the few things we ordered. Our papaya salad starter tasted off balance leaning too heavy on what tasted like vinegar. My wife’s standard order of pad thai was fine. I had a Vietnamese noodle dish with very gristly pork chop on top. The prices also struck us a bit high. I expect that the wait staff’s English will improve with time, but some difficulty communicating. They couldn’t have been any nicer, however.

Went to Lemon on Sat. night after a long absence. Very nice meal. Chef Ash came around a couple of times and was very friendly. The complimentary hummus is a very good rendition. My escargot starter was really good, my wife’s bisque soup a bit thin. My entrée of two nice sized branzino filets was delicious, as was my wife’s shrimp and clam dish. Skipped dessert, but was sent out some biscotti and a small plate of strawberries and freshly made whipped cream. For $75 a good value.

Next door is a newish Italian place (where Fredo’s/Terrace Bagels was located). I didn’t catch the name. They seemed very busy.

Has anyone been to La Cipollina lately? I haven’t been there in a while and was thinking about ribeyes today lol

The old Ibby’s/Main St. Falafel location has a coming soon sign for Istanbul kebab house.

Nice…I am game to try that.

How about this place? More “fusion” lol

My kids go to Fusha. I’ve never been.

It’s a sushi and chinese place. Nothing fusion about it.

The big draw is their 1/2 price sushi. I’d say they give you about 75% the size and quality of a full price sushi place, so I stop by to pig out once in a while. Not many places where you can pop in and get a sushi roll for 2.50. (Other than Oyako Tsos, right around the corner) I wish there was more sushi price wars going on in the area.

By fusion I meant the new trend where more and more places do chinese, thai, and Japanese unDer one roof.

Half price sounds good. I might have to check it out.

This article in the Asbury Park Press says a Shake Shack may be coming to Freehold. We’re big fans. The flagship in Madison Square Park (outdoor seating only) is three blocks from our NYC apartment. We’ve been going there since it opened in 2004.

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I rarely eat a ‘fast’ (food or casual) burger, but damn if Shake Shack isn’t an EXCELLENT one. And back in the day I waited in the line in Madison Sq Park a few times!

Of course, I’m also a Danny Meyer fan girl… :blush:

I recently went to American Hotel because I had a requirement for a “good” place for a birthday dinner. Only complaint: At those prices, waitresses shouldn’t seem as if they are better suited to be working the counter at the diner across the street. Our server referred to women patrons as “hon” and was right out of a Bounty commercial. But I’ve always enjoyed the food here and will return.

Döner kebap?